Gate barrier operator components

Barrier gate operator is a self-contained system with and hydraulic system that physically slide or swing a gate to open and close. There are a lot of components that go into a gate operator, such as an access control device, card reader or radio transmitter that tells it to open, and this will allow the gate operator to move from point A to point B and back again. But to get a good barrier gate access control system it must have meet a certain criterion to avoid potential pitfalls. In the usual projects we can find systems that support mechanism on the fence gate, even if it’s a rail and tracks or a wheel mechanism that must be reinforced.
When it comes to choose the right gate access control system you should take into account diverse consideration, due to the fact that not all access control gate systems will suit your needs, and thus we will be deeply explaining down below.

Barrier gate distributors

At present we can find a wide range of barrier gate operators in the market that will offer a different experience with each model, materials, type, access control system and so on. For this reason, we always advice to get an access control gate installer in your area that can help you maintain security by granting necessary site access for commercial and industrial gate access control, and also provide all types of long range, automatic, manual and maintenance to your access control barrier gate systems.

Operator components and standards

As mentioned before when you are looking for gates and operators, the operator should come first, in the process you must determine the number of cycles, length and weight of the gate, post construction, if the gate is capable of handling to the number of cycles, interface capabilities to work with different access control systems, to major design differences, to AC, DC or hydraulic. Hiring an access control installer company can be a good way to determine the specific requirements and recommendations to resolve any doubts you may have when you choose the size operator you need for an application.

As noted earlier, each manufacturer will provide a different experience because some may have their own control board and unique things that others might not have. As a matter of fact, Linear simplifies things for the installer by using a universal control board that is the same for the entire product line. Even though some manufacturers rather to remain individual features most gate operators share common factor standards.

Power options

Commonly operators work with two of these power resources either AC motors or DC motors. AC motors are typically used on larger gates because they provide a higher range of power or contrarily DC motors have added features such as having a slow start and slow stop on a gate, and also they have battery back-up systems so the gate can keep running even if you lose power.


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