Firmware Update

Firmware Update ESCU, Net DCD-n, and EDCD

How to update the ESCU/EDCD firmware with SCU Configuration Utility.

Steps to Update ESCU Firmware

  1. Run SCU Configuration Utility (SCUConfigurationUtility.exe)
  1. log in to the software. The default Password is admin.
  1. Select Device > Upload

4. Select SCU in Hardware Type.
5. Browse for the firmware file (ELF.s19 extension) and select the file

  1. Press the Upload button

For EDCD firmware operator should enter the EDCD board address.

How to Factory Reset the ESCU or Net DCD-n

S5 Factory Reset Method

Use the S5-1 or S5-2 switch and the Tamper switch to reset the ESCU back to the factory shipped state (e.g., IP = The process of resetting the ESCU using the S5 control is the ‘True’ factory reset. S5 and S4 will put the board back to the factory shipped state.

  1. With ESCU powered OFF, set S5-1 to the ON position.
  2. Power up the ESCU. The D3 Watchdog LED will be on.
  3. Press and release the Tamper Switch three times, then set S5-1 OFF.
  4. The Watchdog LED will go off for a few seconds, then flash slow.
  5. Setup screen will revert to the default settings:

 IP address:

 Subnet Mask:

 Gateway:

 Port: 2200

 No Password

 Speed: 4800

The MAC address is permanent and does not reset.

Alternate Reset Method

C20 Board Reset – Alternate Method

The S5 and C20 resets are somewhat different. Shorting C20 deletes memory from the board (i.e., current configuration and history of transactions) and resets the ESCU’s Owner Name back to the default of Demo. Not for sale. Resetting using C20 retains IP address, Baud rate, Ping setting, and Gateway. The Owner Name is downloading to the ESCU. The ESCU will only communicate to the software if the Site Name in the software = Owner Name. C20 is useful if the ESCU previously spoke with a different Millennium system and the Owner Name needs to be reset to come online with the new system.

Steps to Reset using C20

  1. Turn POWER OFF
  2. Short across capacitor C20 (the small SMT cap between RAM chips U7 and U8 for Ten seconds.
  3. Turn the Power back on.


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