Error code: HCNetSDK.dll Common NVR camera systems

If the following error code “Error Code: HCNetSDK.dll Common (0x100105)” appears when running the Hikvision iVMS software to view NVR camera systems remotely and we cannot view some cameras, in this article we will review the possible causes and solutions to correct it.

This is the NVR systems error: "Playback Failed.TheOutputBandwidthlssNQldVcr (Error Code: HCNetSDK.dll Common(0x100105) (iVMS 4200 – Hikvision))"

The Hikvision IP camera or Network video recorder system (DVR/NVR) has two video streams: “Main Stream” and “Sub Stream”. These two types of streams depend on the resolution, frame rate (FPS) and compression type (H.264, H.264+ or H.265), when the camera switches to the “Main Stream” or “Sub Stream”. automatically the transmission, or the parameters not adapted to the capacity of the NVR , can cause no image error.

To solve the error the first thing we detected is that the camera was only failing in some devices where it was showing the same error in the NVR software.

From the NVR software for pc we go to “Device Management” and in the remote configuration of the camera or NVR security systems what we must do is to change in “Image >> Video & Audio” some of the parameters mentioned above, this we can see in the following images.

NVR results:


NVR software NVR camera systems NVR software for pc


NVR software NVR camera systems NVR software for pc

In our case, after applying the settings and restarting the NVR camera systems, the error fixed.


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