Barrier gate arm with RFID technology

A barrier gate arm may be of various materials, such as steel, aluminum, wood, plastic, and other shapes. Its operation and integration make this a valuable system for parking lots and access points.

barrier gate arm RFID technology barrier arm arm gate

A door can be self-closing or latching, permanent or retractable. A permanent barrier gate remains closed until someone removes a key from the control panel. Sometimes, it also uses a keypad to “unlock” the gate.

Automatic putters are self-closing when placed in a position intended to close. And will do so if the operator presses the close button.

A retractable gate is usually fixed in place and can push back manually, allowing it to close automatically. It is helpful in times of emergency or to prevent intrusion.

How to join a barrier gate arm with RFID technology


RFID technology uses readers mounted near the door and electromagnetic fields to communicate with the RFID tags. The reader emits a radio frequency signal that activates the tag and powers its integrated circuit. Once activated, the tag transmits its stored data to the reader.

When the voter receives the data, he activates the barrier arm system. If the data is not recognized or is incorrect, it denies the access authorization for the vehicle.

The ability to detect unauthorized entry or exit is one of the most critical components of a barrier arm system. Security door systems can be inexpensive or expensive, depending on the method used and the level of security desired.

barrier gate arm RFID technology barrier arm arm gate

Most of these systems can complement video cameras capable of transmitting images to monitoring stations when activated. You can analyze these images and send them to command centers, a perfect solution for a safe barrier arm system.

A control panel usually contains the controls to open and close the door. This component is essential, especially in the arm gate with automatic detection and closing functions. However, there are also controls to manually override the system and be able to manage the entire system if necessary.


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