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ZKTeco Miami:

ZKTeco Fl Access Control in the new normal requires more easy, economic, and comprehensive security solutions, with ZKTeco’s advanced access control technology, where users can identify themselves without the need for contact via Bluetooth and multibiometric. The whole global biosecurity situation has caused us to rethink the forms of security we need to adopt today. Thermal sensors are join, learning the temperature of those entering the building. As well as closing doors to avoid crowds, promoting health, safety, and security. All on ZKTeco Miami, ZKTeco broward and ZKTeco Fort Lauderdale.

Products & Services:

ZKTeco SpeedFace Series

Is a body temperature reader that works without contact with people. Also works away and you can join them with other applications such as access control, visitor and guest management, etc. It is fast and accurate. 

ZKTeco Atlas Series

This system offers easy access to the doors but with several functions; Access for up to 84 gates is fast, affordable, and easy to install as it requires no programs and is Wi-fi and PoE compatible.

ZKTeco Walkthrough metal detector:

It detects high temperatures and hidden metallic elements. 
The PD300 model is lightweight and has a 40-hour battery life and is easy to transport by car. 
The MST150 model has a turnstile and metal detector function that helps to locate the object that a person is hiding in a specific location. 
access control zk zk access control zkteco access control zk teco zkteco zksoftware access control access control zkteco

More products:

C3 IP Based access controller:

The system has made with easy interphases and provides real time management and monitoring. As well as monitoring access control from the computer without the need for any additional programs. Therefore, it allows for easy control of all access points from a single location. Having more functional design according to the needs and efficiency. It can store up to 30000 cardholders.  

ZKTeco elevator control:

It has been designed specifically for elevators; the EC10 panel and EX16 floor extension plates offer customers a more secure, scalable, versatile, and affordable access control solution. The access can be restricted based on the user’s ids.

ZKAccess door locks:

It is an intelligent lock with join biometric recognition technology. Easy to install as no wiring is required and user registration is also quick and easy, recognizing up to 40 users and the data remains secure stored in the device even in the event of a power failure. 

ZKTeco Access software package:

It is browse based, and the program can be downloaded for free including:

ZKAccess 3.5 Standalone Software, ZKBioPack, ZKAccess 5.3 Panel Software, ZKBioSecurity Software.

ZKAccess access control:

Keep your users, staff and your facility safe.

access control zk zk access control zkteco access control zk teco zkteco zksoftware access control access control zkteco

ZKAccess IP Based Access Control:

Include access control readers and panels, near & far range facial recognition cameras, floor access controllers, IP and AHD cameras, turnstiles, license plate recognition cameras. Also, include biometric and RFID products in more than 18 languages. 

Products multi lingual with excellent quality, technical upgrade and speed to market:

InBio IP based biometric controllers. 

Fingerprint matching is performed on the panels to create a fast and accurate match with the stored database. In addition, its auto discovery tool allows you to modify the information directly and easy. It also stores up to 3000 fingerprint templates, 30,000 user cards and up to 100,000 events and transactions. 

The system of ZKTeco continues to operate even if the network connection is interrupted. The relays can be used for additional control and interface of lights, alarms, intrusion detection, etc.

ZKAaccess RFID Readers:

ZKAccess RDIS Readers features proximity or others Mifare format readers.


ZKBioSecurity in ZKTeco Fl:

ZKBiosecurity it is a security platform on web with multiplate integrated modules: access control, time and management, parking, guard patrol and video linkage. Have a upgrade system for biometrical id, advance user experience and completely easy to use. You can find it all in ZKTeco MiamiZKTeco broward and ZKTeco Fort Lauderdale.


For control access 10 door support with a web-based platform. All-in-one solution.


For control access 25 door support, until 10000 users and 1000 areas.


For control access 50 door support, until 20000 users and 1000 areas.


For control access 100 door support, has a finger print reader and can be connected to ZKAccess 3.5 software for access control and time & attendance management.

C3-Pro series




One door controller with two readers supported, two inputs, capacity for 30000 card holders and communication TCP/IP.

Two doors controller with four readers supported, six inputs, capacity for 30000 card holders and communication TCP/IP.

Four doors with four reads supported, twelves inputs, capacity for 30000 card holders and communication TCP/IP.

Elevator controller EC 10 and EX 16:

Specifically designed for lift control, these panels provide greater access control and are more secure, versatile, and affordable. Let pass or restricting access as required by the customer. The EC10 panels restrict up to 10 floors, while the EX16 can restrict up to 16 and if both are combined it is possible to control up to 58 floors. This software is easy to use and manage.