Millenium Ultra Access Control

Software Manuals

These access control system guides specify the functionality of Millennium Ultra access control. The design is an essential part of the design as it incorporates the identification on the card, which is necessary for the reader to recognize it. It works as a graphic editing package and is very easy to use.
Its second important element is the Banding Data, which is necessary to access the database where the cards are stored.

Millenium access control Ultra can be defined as an interface for manipulating data that is prepared for Banding Data. It is designed for modern security systems, providing complete management of the access control system and performing information exchange and coordination of the subsystems.

Millenium access controls Ultra’s interface is intuitive with a competent and reliable architecture that enterprise customers have come to expect. It is a multi-window interface providing the view for event monitoring, alarm monitoring, and image verification, putting more power into the access control system. Ultra adapts to the application’s needs, making it affordable regardless of system requirements.

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