Milenium Tellus Access Control:

This step-by-step guide to Millennium access control Tellus guides authorized dealers through the correct installation and configuration of Millenium Tellus.
Must install all products per the relevant building codes according to access control system.

Suppose you want to know more about our Millenium access control systems. In that case, you can contact us here at Dicsan Technology, and we can advise you about our other access control systems Miami.

Solution scheme 1:

millenium tellus

Solution Millenium Tellus scheme 2:

millenium tellus access contro

This program our pre-engineered access control solution for systems up to 32 doors, all in Millennium Access Control Tellus. It is designed for fast installation. Tellus cancel the need to provide or identify server hardware or execute complex installation ensuring new access control systems are up and running in the narrow possible time. With its ease of use and high dependability, Tellus is the best solution for new facilities that don’t have the complexity of more significant, more integrated sites.