Millenium Hardware Product Guide

What will you find here?

This Millenium access control product guide will find a wide range of information about our products in access control systems. We are starting with our systems and software, such as Millenium Tellus, an enterprise-class access control system designed to meet the needs and price point of more petite users, supporting up to 32 doors.
Can customize Millennium Ultra to any business environment with an intuitive user interface that is easy to use. It is fully compatible with all Millennium access control door systems and software. Millenium Plexus is a flexible wireless mesh network system for buildings. It aims to eliminate the amount of wiring traditionally used, reducing labor and installation costs by providing an Millenium access controls solutions for all system functions.

You can find these Millenium solutions with us in Dicsan Technology and other access control Miami systems. Just contact us!

Millenium Tellus

Cloud-Hosted Access Control

The guide of Millennium access control shows the different types of credentials, such as readers, enclosures, doors, and badging, which is a custom-printed turnkey card that is a single card with a unique ID.

The training systems provide free practical information for all products, leaving all modules available for self-learning, plus the manager kit and more.

It has the best solutions for direct and customized jobs and additional information such as integrations, resources, and technical support.