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Linear access control Linear security software linear access control Linear access control solutions


Linear access control stand alone entry system is perfect for small scale residential and commercial applications. The EC model’s clean, complete design is easy to navigate and provides an intuitive user experience. Purchase a access control systems Miami license key at any time to upgrade the EC model and joining additional doors and telephone entry units.

The EC Series is fully browser managed, accessible on any smart device, and easy to install and learn. Linear security software requires no additional product so that it won’t become obsolete as technology changes. It’s compatible with a wide range of entry credentials, new and old, allowing administrators to transition to new technology at their own place.


Key features:

Sensor and Optional Camera:

The motion sensor, ambient light sensor, and optional HD IP camera.

RFID Inside:

Optional RFID reader Mounted internally for a sleek design.

4.3” Full Color Display:

Adjustable backlighting, the LED screen is easy to read in direct sun, customizable text, and images.

Intuitive Navigation:

Navigating any function is simple with user prompts, including tonal cues and flashing keys to guide users through steps.

Built-in TTY Port:

ADA compliant.

Effortless User Experience:

A user-focused system is clear, logical, and minimizes steps for visitors.

Upgradeable to EN Series:

Out of the box ready for two doors - Add a license key to upgrade to an EN series.


Stainless steel backlit navigation keys and keypad.

TCP/IP Port connects directly to a computer or network.

LAN/ WAN integration.

The integrated TTY port is ADA compliant.

The 3-point locking mechanism for increased security.

The optional postal lock allows drop-in location for USPS lock.

POTS and 2 VOIP capable.

The 12 VDC with an optional add-on for internal battery backup.

Integrated Gooseneck mounting option.

It includes 1 WOR Long Range RF receiver radio.

UL294 Listed.

Weather-resistant: It is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

2-year warranty.

Browser for easy system management:

The linear access control systems EC model is fully browser-managed and needs no additional software installation or special programming. It’s easy to access and manage a site – from any smart device:


Linear readers and keypads

Cards and fobs credentials

Act transmitters

Pinhole camera

Trim rings

Mounting options

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