Kantech Entrapass Software

These Kantech programs provide a unified management system for managing your security. In addition to offering comprehensive security management, they are also very convenient and easy to use. With Kantech software, you can install and manage security settings from a single, easy-to-use interface.

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Special edition

This edition is unique in that it can operate for a single workstation for a single door or 256 doors, according to the controllers. The Kantech Entrapass software is fully integrated with video management systems and alarm panels. It is also menu-driven, making it simple and easy to learn and use the program, allowing you to change parameters according to your preferences and activate controlled devices eliminating the need for reprogramming. 

Corporate Edition

This platform is for multiple workstations supporting up to 20 stations and accessing doors that can number in the thousands with a single command and offer maximum balance around the network. The Tyco Entrapass software is integrated with its mobile application. It is compatible with Kantech IP devices, providing advanced security features with the possibility of using the Web platform that allows you to connect remotely, making the work more comfortable in the controllers. It supports up to 50 simultaneous logins and integrates with video management systems and alarm panels. It has an enhanced user experience that makes it intuitive and easy to use. It also synchronizes operators and users for centralized management and automatically updates and integrates with wireless locks. 

Global edition

It is enterprise-level security software that offers extensive applications with an unlimited number of users. It allows up to 128 stations to access the system simultaneously and access the doors with a single command. It also has advanced features integrated with Entrapass mobile and web applications to manage access control system. It offers much more convenient remote access and can be logged in automatically with credentials. This system ensures that it is always up and running. Its user experience is much more intuitive and easier to use, eliminating the option of reprogramming and integrating with virtual alarms.