kantech door controllers hardwares:

This kantech door controllers hardware, combined with other Kantech systems, makes it much more effective and helpful in accessing crowded spaces, whether a single door or a more extensive network of several entries. Dicsan technology offers several access control systems. Remember to contact us.

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It is ideal for basic doors to install with Kantech door KT-400 standalone remote access to operate automatically. Making it easily, allowing them, managed remotely via web based programs that is easy to use, reduces maintenance costs, and is easy to install with other Kantech door controllers. There is no need to buy any program. 

kantech door controllers Kantech door door kantech controller kantech access control system


You can configure the KT-2 with a two door devices that automatically enrolls and supports two readers. It is helpful in two forms that are easy to use: with a single browser without the need to connect to a host system with the possibility of using the kantech door Entrapass programs. If it is necessary, more advanced functions are adaptable with other Kantech systems. Still, there is no need to install any software.

Connecting to WIFI reduces maintenance and installation costs.

KT-1 Kantech

Kantech KT1 is a single door device that supports the entry and exit readers with alarm panel integration. It is fully friendly with other Kantech door controllers and Entrapass software. It provides advanced access control functions with only an IP connection without purchasing the program and a sleek and intuitive design. You can use Kantech KT 1 in two alternatives autonomously via a Web browser with a single touch button auto registration.


KT 4 is one of the most secure solutions for any property. It is a 4-door kantech controller that provides encrypted communication with the extra pass software but can be easily entered into the system. The KT 400 integrated port is a dual address port that automatically adjusts for faster connectivity. It is not necesary  to use IP devices to connect to the network. 


KT 4 has asynchronous communication, which reduces bandwidth to manage the system over the network. 

Kantech KT-300

The controller supports up to two readers in a single door that easily connects to the network—providing connections for all the necessary devices that can complement the kantech access control systemKantech KT-300 can also be linked with other door controllers, allowing information to be passed to the Entrapass system to update and re-establish the network connection quickly. Kantech KT-300 Firmware is updated directly from the workstation, ready to run without switches and fonts. It also monitors the battery and automatically informs the system of any battery problems.


Combus is a communication protocol that uses a 4-wire cable bus that can be connected to various expansion modules.