Kantech access control kits:

There is no need to invest time when buy a Kantech access control system when Kantech offers all the necessary parts in its kits. Plus, it’s a system that works quickly and easily. Dicsan Technology offers you several solutions for access control systems, so do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

Kantech access control, Kantech, Multi-door access control system

Starter Kit

The beginners’ kits are for those growing companies looking for an easy to use, easy to install, and complete system. This kit has everything joined, so you can install the complete access control system as it provides prox keyfobs, USB converters, battery, transformer, and relay from the Entrapass programs to the Entrapass compatible door controllers. 

Kantech access control, Kantech, Multi-door access control system

Expansion Kit

The expansion kit offers a complete access control solution for companies to achieve. It contains prox readers and keyfobs, US converters, batteries, transformer, modem, and communication devices. It is also fully functional with Kantech Entrapass programs through a modem, being easy to install and use since it can be connected remotely. 

Kantech access control, Kantech, Multi-door access control system

Multi-door kit

Multi-door access control system has the controllers for several doors and all the parts to expand the access control system. These kits are ideal for large companies as they allow structure several controllers in a single property with several doors. These kits leave nothing to chance and join with Kantech Entrapass programs. It is a practical system that saves time and space. 

Demo kit

Kantech Entrapass demonstrates the software’s features, with the ability to download test databases that can indicate the software with the possibility of using it with KT-400 to have the whole experience. This demo kit serves to demonstrate the reading range of the readers as well as the programming of the cards.


The demo kit provides easy solutions and portals with a stand-alone unit, including proximity readers, USB converters, USB cables, standard cards, transformers, and pushbuttons.