Kantech Hardware

Kantech has different hardware available that you can review to see which one suits your needs. It is for single door control or a network of multiple doors with their door controller panel.

Door controller

The door controller hardware allows door controllers to be integrated with alarm panels and other systems. Preventing unauthorized personnel from entering restricted areas of the property makes it a beneficial method for crowded places.

This system is beneficial for properties that require a single door or even a more robust system for medium to large installations. 

Access control kits

The access control solution kits offer greater purchase flexibility and do not require long installation times. Kantech access control kits include all the components to get the system up and running effectively, quickly, and efficiently.

Kantech telephone entry system

The Kantech telephone entry system hardware is ideal for any entrance, commercial, flats, condominiums, etc. It also provides the ability to grant or deny access directly from any device at the push of a button, with remote monitoring via the Entrapass software and the ability to back up the system and monitor live transcripts. This hardware is easy to install and simple to use, allowing it to also integrate with other Kantech controllers.

Exit control devices

The exit control devices allow the PB-Exit button to provide a complete exit monitoring solution for access control applications. The T-Exit detector creates a new system standard.

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