Explore this technology is an excellent alternative for                                                                                                                            surveillance systems, more automated and easier to use it.

Cloud based access control

Day after day, technology is developing and becoming more and more powerful. The use of smartphones has increased cloud  based access control. So, each time is easier to understand the door access control system challenge.

Cloud-based computing means storing and accessing your data and program through the internet instead of a computer hard drive. For that reason, cloud based access control is considered a flexible and easy system to set. You only must connect the doors controllers with the internet and select the protocols wireless mobile media and wired protocols.

Cloud based access control

What is cloud based access control?

Everything is operating on the Internet. Cloud based access control allows to control and management remotely gates throw the devices connected to the Internet. Besides, allowing the managers to make sure who can access the property with a cloud based door access control system.

Cloud based access control differs from traditional systems because the cloud system stores the software instead of a server in the same building. For that reason, this system is more secure and flexible to access.

How works this system?

Companies can still manage the access control Miami review the traffic data, allowing temporary access to the contract workers or providers and monitoring the registers time of the workers. Those activities don’t require expensive servers, are easy to program, and can’t adapt to each company’s necessities with cloud based access control.

cloud based access contr

Storage data in a cloud system to make any update from their access control system since any device with internet access. The updates are performed automatically when the company has a new software version. In this way, each action can do from the device remotely.

Using cloud based access control is more convenient because you shouldn’t buy and maintain a server on your property. Also, nowadays, many access control systems are wireless, allowing you to delete the necessity to purchase and install expensive systems for your property.

Traditional access control

Firstly, it was developed to allow access without keys and centralize security management for Miami’s commercial or significant residential buildings. That kind of system requires a high investment in the IT service and a limited number of doors managed. The important paint points are the critical plastic cards because they can duplicate them and other cyber risks—especially the older traditional access control systems.

Apps and Programs

Millennium access control
PDK access control
kisi access control
openpath cloud access control

Millennium Ultra is a modern system that combines the user interface with a competent architecture according to features from business customers. Millennium access control system is easy to use, with a state-of-the-art platform, flexible and scalable.

Millenium Ultra is adapted to the new necessities of the apps from installation, for that reason is an accessible option to acquire, no matter the system requirements. A multiwindow users interface allows a unique visit to the events monitor, alarm monitor, and verify pictures: having more power in your access control system. Millennium Ultra is very easy to scalable, allowing migrations from tiny to extensive company systems.

wireless controls

More flexibility:

Extensive features:

Easy scalable:

It is reliable, proven software with modularity for flexible solutions.      Multiple simultaneous operators.

Full software features available with Millennium Plexus wireless controllers. 

It is enterprise-class software that supports thousands of doors. 

You can manage the access from your property from their smartphone or whatever device is connected to the Internet at any time.

PDK’s hardware line-up includes:

  • Cloud Node: The main system panel.
  • Control panels: Controllers designed for doors and gates and indoor and outdoor use.
  • Readers: Various readers are designed to use from smartphone, and more.
  • Credentials: Offering cards, fobs, and even sticker and wristband options.

Brivo’s is based on a cloud-based system with various platforms to adapt to any property and building. Even you can remotely monitor the access and credentials since your smartphone or whatever device is connected to the Internet.

Brivo including:

  • Tenant and visitor reporting.
  • Personnel control.
  • Mobile use to know better what users do in the system.
openpath cloud based

Kisi is an excellent option for any property, no matter the size of the property. There is based on cloud based access control, and it is very flexible to the gates from buildings. Elegant and straightforward readers allow tenants to access the property from smartphones, fob, and cards. Besides, letting the integrations with other solutions, like the CRM or G-suit directory, means that tenants will automatically add with the Kisi system. Therefore, this update in real-time the database.

Openpath is designed to meet the customer’s needs to access without keys. Also, it has a high-security level with unique features in a cloud based access control system. Also, you can manage the access from your mobile. But, you can connect with specific plans. So in a dangerous situation, the system notifies the supplier. Also, allow the program access to distinct zones in the property; this feature is accessible to enable access to providers or clean people.

stanley cloud based

STANLEY is a company that offers a security systems service specifically. Their cloud based access control system allows monitoring remotely. As a result, the owner can enable or not the entry from any place.

Features include:

  • Identity management.
  • Management of the property remotely from a web browser.
  • Event validation with video in real-time.

You can also integrate your STANLEY cloud access control system with your CCTV or video security system.

It is a property to manage the credentials and the all-access control activity and makes the reports from any place and any time. It allows access by fobs, cards, or mobiles keys. It permits access to the building. With Gineas access control can accommodate according to the solution that you chose. Also, it is possible to monitor in real-time, seeing all details. This access control system registers when the gate is open or closed, registering the hour of this action.

Gineas system doesn’t need a controller and readers to work correctly. Avoiding expensive installations and maintenance due to their approach is agile and adaptable with software development.

Cloud-based access control and video intercom

When the cloud based access control system is paring with a video intercom is possible to have an excellent access control system on your property.

Millenium access control integrates the video intercom from ButterflyMX design only to allow safer access without problems with tenants and owners. Also, the data updates automatically. In that way, you can save time, and a plus is that Millenium is integrated with ButterflyMX.

The video intercom is cloud based access control, together ensure that anyone that needs access to their property. The best option is to choose a system that integrates everything and automatically updates.

  • Integration
  • Greater security
  • Automation
  • Time-saving
  • Easy to use it

Advantages of cloud based access control

A full suite of features and benefits in an affordable package; and ease-of-use for the end customer, resulting in lower training and support costs for the dealer due to is modern, secure, and automated, such as identity management solutions and automatic, easy integration instantly with complete remote control manage multiple locations from one place. All in all, the advantages are highly economically beneficial.

With cloud storage, however, business owners don’t need to worry about backup activities, power surges, network failures, destruction, or data theft. Cloud access control hosts have advanced servers and robust backup systems to guarantee reliable service and data security.

Cloud technology, managing security, access permissions, and video surveillance are streamlined across multiple facilities and locations. Existing management systems, video surveillance, and fire alarms can also easily integrate into the access management software. 

Subscription payment plans and equipment leasing options decrease the total cost of ownership. Plus, they can result in lower operating costs. This way, companies of varying sizes can pick the security system which fits their needs and budget.

A cloud host for access control helps reduce or eliminate the costs of maintaining local servers and IT equipment and backing up and securing data. Naturally, outsourcing these operations also decreases the number of employees and the amount of time needed to carry them out on-site.

Cloud based systems can easily modify to adapt to the security necessities of any building. You can personalize the number of interior and exterior gates and also elevators.

Access management services have experts  in Miami aware of and know how to handle the latest security threats. The access system remains updated and effective without needing to hire a security specialist.

Allow entry, respond to alerts from anywhere with an internet connection. Using a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, they have remote control over their commercial security.

Entrusting access control to a system with cloud hosting means forgetting about expensive and time-consuming software updates or upgrades. The service provider automatically updates the software as often as needed without charging extra or disrupting your daily business activities. That keeps the system running efficiently and safely with all the latest security patches.

With just a few clicks, businesses can see accurate, up-to-date data from each monitored access point. Data is available anytime, from anywhere. Additionally, access permissions and set entry schedules are automatically synching throughout the network. Then, customized reporting options track precisely the crucial data for your decision-makers and provide regular updates right to their inbox.

Different access levels for security administrators allow various team members to divide access control responsibilities or take over when the designated manager is out of the office. Cloud management systems can also easily integrate with the programs and applications that your company already uses. That facilitates operations within the business and can even save time for the staff.

business and commercial

Access control for commercial and business spaces.

While cloud based business, models are beginning to increase across the security industry, the terms “hosted” and “managed” seem more common when it comes to access control. While these can be cloud based, they are not necessarily the same as cloud-based Access Control as a Service.

This cloud solution allows making remote management of physical access for major or all areas of the building. In commercial access control enables the customer to grant or restrict access from a centralized platform at any time. 

Look for a cloud platform that helps you build your managed services business — not just support but also the technology behind it. It should prepare you for the ongoing digital transformation and the future of security contracting, or everything “as a service.” The most robust platforms offer subscriber management features with e-commerce. They can help you create and manage the business side of growing recurring revenue and customer billing. Cloud also helps keep the end-user current. 

commerce cloud based

Consider a solution that will let you drill down into each device remotely to see CPU and local storage utilization, the health status of SD storage, RAM. And individual process utilization, and provide remote firmware upgrades, reboots, resets, and other maintenance and troubleshooting features. Your cloud platform is a money saver that can prevent truck rolls and in-person maintenance. 


While faithful enterprise customers are interested in the cloud, the most extensive base of cloud business is still the SMB market. Within that, the opportunities to offer even more services abound. 

Cloud-based VS on-premises



  • The local server is not necessary.
  • Increased security through automated security updates.
  • No high costs are associated with the purchase of servers and wiring.
  • Increased scalability and flexibility. 
  • The local server is necessary.
  • Extra costs for maintenance or software updates. 
  • Higher upfront costs for the purchase of local servers and other hardware. 
  • Requires the presence of a specialist on-site who can respond to any problems. 
dicsan technology

Cloud-based access control with Dicsan Technology

We have an excellent cloud base product that is Millennium access control with great features, and our staff can advise you in any question and installation in Miami. Dicsan Technology proudly serves customers throughout South Florida. All our wiring installations of millennium access control solutions are well labeled and certified and install according to the required standards.