Face Recognition Access Control System

Biometric face recognition access control

Face recognition access control system scanning modern technology or application can identify identity from the user through an image, video or audio, any element of his face compared with the database of access control system. When the face recognition door access system program recognizes the person with the biometric access control system, they can access the building, application, system, or service. These devices recognize patterns and data through facial characteristics associated with personal expressions and other qualities authenticating the person. This method is called biometric identification, and face recognition access control is just one of the biometric access control types.

These devices work like the other digital photography technology devices that generate the image and more necessary data to record the biometric facial using math’s and dynamic patterns by capturing images from the camera in 2D and 3D depending on the face recognition door access device. Without any margin of error and match the person who requires the service of access control. That face recognition access control technology recollects unique biometric access control according to the several distinguishable by the data software like details as a nose cheekbones form, jawline, and depth of the eye sockets of the person who needs access control solutions to the service needs to be identified. It makes biometric face recognition based access control one of the most effective, reliable, and high safety standards. It’s necessary to have internet because this system requires it. This access control system face recognition works in four stages that firstly involve capturing a physical or a behavioral for enrollment by the system; then this does the data extraction to create a template, next the template is compared with a sample, and finally by matching. After all, the database isn’t located in the capture device, just in the hosted-on servers. 

When you are in front of the biometric face recognition access control technology, this finds a series of data inside their database to set with the face features. This match decides if the features match or not with the storage data. The process is faster, and it’s happening in real-time. Sometimes, the face recognition access control system requires that the user moves to reattempt the verification process again. All this takes less than five seconds to give a match.

Other methods of the face recognition door systems allow verifying the authenticity of a person, such as giving the correct password, codes by email, images, fingerprint identification. Biometric face recognition access control has two variants: 

  • A face recognition access control system registers a face associated with an identity recorded in the biometric access control system like a digital onboarding. 
  • The second variant is when the user is authenticated before registering where the camera data is crossed with the existing data in the access control database. If the user is registered successfully, the device is granted access to the system with the credentials. 

When is the face recognition access control technology used?

  • Authentication factor
  • Access to mobile
  • Access to online services
  • access to buildings
  • access to locked devices
  • Check-in tourist services

Before, used this surveillance system was for border security. Still, we can currently find the face recognition door access technology in any place, not just for surveillance but also to customize the customer service experience or for automating the identification process. If the platform is automated, the process works without any hitches. The biometric face recognition allows for the reduction in operational costs. 


  • Find missing people 
  • Identify criminal 
  • Protect business 
  • Strengthens security measures in banks and airports
  • Make shopping more efficient. 
  • Reduces the number of touchpoints
  • Improve photo organization 
  • Improves medical treatment 


  • Invades privacy
  • Imposes on personal freedom
  • Violate personal rights 
  • Criminals can collect individual’s personal information
  • Technology is imperfect 
  • It’s possible to fool the technology. 

Face recognition access control with dicsan

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