Access control security is a term generally used to describe the mechanism for the authorization of certain parties to access specific resources. These resources may be physical such as paper documents, bank vaults, and warehouse items. Other resources may be encrypted user information, bank transaction records, or simply the safety of employees within a building. Having a security access control system regulates and controls access to these resources.

The primary purpose of access control is to provide security by allowing or restricting access to these resources by any party or individual. 

The need for security has increased with advanced door access security systems utilizing biometric sensors in place of a simple lock and key. The rapid development stems from the increased awareness and needs to protect valuable resources from unauthorized access and theft. 

Access control security systems enable you to provide convenient access to the right people and the right areas of your facility at any time. Here are just a few key benefits that access control systems can provide to your facility’s comprehensive security system:

Access Control Systems are Easy to Manage

In the form of keyless entry and card access systems, access control systems are an easy way to manage building security. Once your access control security system is set up, you no longer must worry about who needs what key to get into which building, labs, or offices.

Forget Hassle Associated with Traditional Keys

Critical systems are problematic for adequate security for many reasons. If an employee loses their key, you must make a new key at least. In many situations, especially high-security facilities, a lost key can mean that all corresponding locks need to be replaced. That means issuing all other employees new keys — all for one misplaced or missing key. 

Set Specific Access Dates and Times

With powerful scheduling features, an access control system allows you to grant access to certain people for specific days and times, as well as for doors and groups of entries in a facility. 

Require Mandatory Credentials for Access

Depending on your industry or facility, specific offices, laboratories, or production areas may require additional security. Either because they are high-risk and need special safety training or because they contain sensitive information. 

Keep Track of Who Comes and Goes

Another critical benefit of access control systems is keeping track of who is coming and going. In the event of an accident or theft, you’ll be able to see who accessed a specific area during the time of the incident. Beyond just security measures, this feature is also helpful for collecting data on who enters and exits typical buildings or offices, when, and how often. 

Improved Security that Works for You

The overarching benefit of any access control system is that you get all of the security your building needs flexibly to work for your company in the long term. As your company or facility grows, you can add new access cards, update mandatory credentials for specific areas, and change access dates and times as necessary. As employees leave, promote, and change positions, you can easily restrict, add, or manage their access to certain buildings depending on their credentials and current situation. You no longer must keep tabs on each key and update each employee’s access according to their needs. 


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