Have you ever wanted to be in two places at the same time? You may not be able to be
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Cameras System
 and setting up Remote Monitoring on your Smartphone, Tablet, PC or
TV; you’ll be able to have the peace of mind you deserve knowing exactly what is
happenning in real time at your property while you are away.



Form Factors & Features

Nowadays, security cameras are an essential component of any effective business or home security cameras system. Their most important function is to capture clear, sharp and completely visible footage. There are cameras that capture wonderful footage in day time thanks to sun light. However, the same camera might, perhaps, not be able to record a perfectly visible footage at night time outside the property. Today’s night vision security camera systems feature an impressive array of advanced security cameras features which allow night time video surveillance easy, effective and accurate. A night vision security camera is able to monitor low-lit to completely dark environments without compromising image quality.


You no longer have to worry about low-quality, unidentifiable images in night time settings. After the sun sets, a night vision security camera automatically relies on near-IR light to switch to night mode. In low-light or challenging lighting conditions, the day/night camera will be able to produce properly exposed images with technologies such as Wide Dynamic Range and IR illuminators. You will also be able to observe the perimeter of your property even when it is pitch-black outside. With the help of high resolution night vision security camera, your property can monitor day and night (24/7) anywhere you want within long IR distance of up to 100 feet with high quality image been recorded on any security cameras recording solution.


Finding the best night vision security camera that suits your specific security and surveillance needs is not that easy due to the multiple security cameras features available on the market. Night vision security cameras are also available in a wide range of styles or security cameras form factors to meet your personal security needs and can be installed indoor or outdoor at your home or business. No matter what your reason is for installing a security camera system, a night vision security camera system will put your mind at ease and keep you safe during the day or night.


Infrared night vision security camera works by illuminating a scene in infrared light. This light is completely invisible to the naked eye, but can be seen by devices built to be receptive to IR light.


Color night vision security camera works with available ambient light (such as streetlights), advanced image sensors capture more light, and allows them to continue to record in full color, even at night.


Thermal night vision security camera does not need any light at all to construct visible images. Instead, a Thermal night vision security camera construct images from differences in temperature levels. They detect the heat that is radiating off an object or a human and then convert it into an image without the need of any illumination source. Thermal night vision security cameras are considerably more expensive when compared to an infrared night vision security camera but are far more useful too. They are widely used by the military and in factories or plants where temperature monitoring is crucial keeping track of performance of the factories’ equipment.


  • Night Vision Security Camera do not require visible light to record.
  • Night Vision Security Camera use LED lights which provides better illumination and last longer.
  • Night Vision Security Camera will only activate the LEDs when needed which saves more energy.
  • Infrared light used by a Night Vision Security Camera is not visible to the human eye for discreet recording at night without revealing the location of the camera.
  • Night Vision Security Camera are avaliable in a wide range of styles to meet your personal security needs.
  • Night Vision Security Camera can be installed in indoor and outdoor locations.
  • Night Vision Security Cameraare cost-effective, reliable and efficient for your home or business security requirements.


There are certain factors to consider before you decide to buy a night vision security camera. These factors include indoor or outdoor usage, distance of furthest are to be observed, thermal or infrared, security camera cost, if you need a wireless security camera system or wired security camera system, etc.

  • Color or Black and White Night Vision Security Camera: With both options available for outdoor home use, color security cameras are more expensive than black and white, but provide a higher degree of footage. A black and white image will capture light versus dark tones compared to precise color captured by a color camera. When it comes to identifying an intruder, things like the color of clothing, skin, eyes and hair can make all the difference.
  • Night Vision Security Camera System Connectivity Type: Depending on the security cameras recording solution and environment, users should determine whether a wired or wireless night vision security camera system will best meet their needs. Wired security cameras are appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, and generally provide the highest image quality. Wireless security cameras are simple to set up and are a budget-friendly way to create a security camera system.
  • Outdoor or Indoor Night Vision Security Camera System: Both indoor and outdoor night vision security camera systems are effective at providing safety measures for the users, and the purpose of the surveillance system determines which is best. While there are many similarities between indoor and outdoor night vision security cameras, outdoor high resolution night vision security camera are specifically designed with a wider viewing angle to keep watch over large outdoor areas. Many come with night vision features to capture images or video even in the darkest night, and all are equipped to be weather resistant or weatherproof with a tough protective housing.
  • Amount of Cameras in Night Vision Security Camera System: The number of high resolution night vision security camera in your security camera system depends on the level of coverage, including perimeter, exterior and interior surveillance that you will like to cover within your home or business.

Night vision cameras provide the protection you need and act as a deterrent against crimes like theft, burglaries and vandalism. They are the best way to protect your home and get clear surveillance footage anytime of the day or night and in any weather condition. Keep your family and property safe by monitoring the comings and goings at your home or business — day or night!

There can be no denial to the fact that most of the crimes take place at night. Don’t let criminal activity or dangerous situations take control of your life. Unfortunately, we’ve seen lots of users being cheated to buy night vision security camera and then finding out after that they have no night-vision capacity. At Dicsan Technology we offer a comprehensive range of the best night vision security camera available in the market, to help you keep your home and/or business safe. If you want to install a night vision security camera or color night vision security camera, regardless of whether it is an indoor or outdoor application, Dicsan Technology has your back with the high resolution night vision security camera and high resolution night vision security camera. No matter what your needs are we can help you choose the best night vision security camera system to suit your needs and then install those products for you at an affordable price that also suits your budget. Contact Us


Allow the professional security camera experts at Dicsan Technology to help you choose the night vision security camera system that best fits for your security needs and budget. Contact us at (786) 622-2221 to receive a free night vision security camera system evaluation and estimate at your home or business!


Other Features


Analog Security Cameras capture an analog video signal and transfers it over coax cable to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The DVR will convert the analog signal to digital, then compress it and store it on a hard drive for later retrival.


HD-TVI Security Cameras currently support video resolution as high as 1080p by using the same coaxing cabling as Analog Cameras use which, makes it easier for people with old Analog CCTV Systems to upgrade to an HD system.


IP Cameras are able to deliver higher resolution and offer digital zoom and on board digital processing. A higher number of pixels will provide a better digital zoom so you’ll see further into the distance without degrading the image.


Megapixel Security Cameras deliver the best image quality available, capturing a super high-resolution image and allowing you to digitally zoom in on specific details with great clarity when reviewing recorded Surveillance videos.


Color Night Vision Security Cameras contain powerful image sensors that are more sensitive to light allowing the sensor to absorb more visible light so the cameras will continue to provide full color video images in low-light conditions.


Thermal Seurity Cameras sense thermal energy instead of using visual light to construct images. Since it doesn’t see light, it will see at night as well as it does during the day. It sees through obstructions and its not affected by smoke, dust or fog.


Wide Dynamic Range Security Cameras help to figh natural and artificial lighting. These cameras have a special software which allows them to balance too bright or too dark rooms creating a balanced and high resolution video shot.


Wide Dynamic Range Security Cameras help to figh natural and artificial lighting. These cameras have a special software which allows them to balance too bright or too dark rooms creating a balanced and high resolution video shot.


Having a security system as necessary as paying for services.The price depends on the features and form factors of the equipment, as well as the amount of devices installed, the distance, whether, and if its a wired or wireless system.


Audio Security Cameras have built-in microphones that allow easy audio recording. Hidden audio security cameras are illegal, so you must get the consent of at least one person in the conversation or hang sign where they are installed.


A Network Security Camera can be described as a camera and a computer combined in one unit. Their significantly high video resolution will allow you to capture more area per camera and zoom-in to enhance minor details.


Image sensor is the element of an electronic camera, which detects and captures the information that makes up the image. This was achieved by converting the attenuation of light waves into electrical signals.


Power over Ethernet (PoE) works by using a single network cable to provide both data connection and electric power over to an IP Security Cameras. This will result in lower cost, less downtime, easier installation and maintenance.


PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt and Zoom. This refers to the capabilities of automated cameras and video recorders. Has the ability to rotate, usually in a full circle, to tilt at different angles up and down, and to zoom in on particular objects.


Video compression techniques consist of reducing and eliminating redundant video data so that the digital video file can be sent through the network and stored. Different compression standards use different methods to reduce data.


Frame rate, fps or frames per second, is the number of frames (images) your camera can take per second. The continuous succession of these frames produces the idea of ​​movement because of the minimum differences between them.


4K security camera is a digital camera with a horizontal resolution of around 4,000 pixels and a vertical resolution of about 2,200 pixels. It is twice as high as the resolution of an existing standard high definition (HD) security camera.


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