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4K Resolution:



The use of 4k security camera systems to protect commercial or business buildings has grown worldwide due to its effectiveness. Thousands of companies have installed security camera systems at their warehousesofficesrestaurantscondominiums, and commercial businesses to prevent theft and protect their assets while providing safety for their customers, employees, and family.

However, the use of security cameras with low resolution, in some cases, isn’t of much help due to the lack of clear identification of intruders, especially at night, thus preventing their immediate identification and arrest. Also, low-security camera resolution footage may reject as judicial evidence during a trial. As a result, many businesses have decided to upgrade to 4K security cameras in their security camera Miami to prevent this from happening. In Dicsan Technology, we have them.


4K security cameras

What is 4K resolution? 4k resolution security camera systems offer the highest level of video clarity available in the surveillance market. A 4K cctv camera, featured as IP Security Cameras, uses advanced 8-megapixel image sensors and has approximately four times the 1080p 2MP HD security camera pixels. A 4K resolution camera has a high resolution of 3840×2160 with over 8.3 megapixels. As a result, a 4K camera gets additional names such as 8MP security cameras and ultra HD security cameras. 4K resolution cameras also have a larger image sensor that allows the camera to capture more light, improving color, contrast, and low-light performance. It also adds an increased ability to zoom in on distant objects without drastically reducing image quality. 

A single 4K CCTV camera can cover a wider area, and it also captures the details of a scene, such as blurred faces or the license plate of a car. It is an attractive alternative for cameras or a PTZ camera that can see a specific area in the foreground but cannot see other places simultaneously. 4K resolution expands the possibilities of sharing the same security system for various security cameras applications.

Whether you are in the market for new security cameras or looking to upgrade, 4K IP cameras are ideal solutions to improve your video quality and provide many advantages. But, how much do security cameras cost?

Exceptional video clarity

Superior digital and optical zoom

Wide-angle viewing

4k resolution image


Excellent Resolution:


Due to the resolution of a 4K camera, the quality of the images taken by it is first class, sharp images.4K resolution is twice as high as the resolution of an existing standard high definition (HD) camera. The use of a 4K CCTV camera in your system ensures that all the images taken are clear and very detailed.


Wide field of view:

With its digital zoom capability, a 4K camera can offer exceptional coverage of controlled space. These 4K resolution security cameras can also be adopted with broader angle lenses for wider fields of vision, keeping the number of pixels required in the lens for detection, recognition, and identification. As a result, these 4K resolution security cameras are an excellent monitoring tool for monitoring large areas, open warehouses, or significant buildings for indoor security camera applications.

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The only real disadvantage of a 4K resolution security camera is its requirement for ample storage space for security camera recording solutions. Because its resolution is high, it needs more space to store the videos it records in a certain period than a camera with a lower resolution. A 4K CCTV camera also requires more bandwidth to transmit a 4K CCTV video through the Internet or a LAN. A 4K camera may also require the user of a computer or the updated monitor and the server of its video surveillance system. That may mean additional costs depending on the size of the system.

Dicsan Technology offers free estimates and consultations on any 4K resolution security camera system. An initial consultation will help you understand which 4K camera system will work best for your needs and budget based on the requirements of your commercial or businesses buildings.