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In restaurants, cameras are placed so that the administrator can remotely monitor the dining room, the kitchen, the bar, cash register box, and the entrance/parking lot.

Security Cameras - Restaurant

Bars and restaurants face a large range of security challenges on a daily basis. A constantly changing customer base and high employee turnover leave bars and restaurants at particular risk of theft. The benefits of a properly installed bar or restaurant video surveillance system can improve safety and security for customers, employees and business owners alike. Security cameras installed in restaurant or bar industry are installed pursuing three main objectives: the first is to monitor the operation of the business, the second to control the losses and the third to assist in the security of the place.

Benefits of Bar and Restaurant Security Cameras:

  • Easy installation – Bar and restaurant video surveillance systems are easy to install and set up. Unlike analog CCTV cameras, all you need to do is mount your cameras and hook up your recorder. No coaxial cable or power tools necessary.
  • Prevent theft – A video surveillance system can help prevent theft, and a restaurant security camera in the right location can put an end to "dine and dash", where customers eat but leave the premises before their bill arrives.
  • Lower fights and violence – Fights are common in crowded bars, especially during charged environments like sports games or weekend nights. Restaurant security cameras can help prevent fights and in the event of violence, help to identify the responsible parties.
  • Check footage anytime – Security camera systems allow you to check up on your restaurant or bar at any time through remote monitoring via Internet through any device. This is perfect if you have a chain restaurant – you can check up on multiple locations without having to be in multiple places at once.

In restaurants, cameras are placed so that the administrator can remotely monitor at least five areas.

  • The general view of the dining room: This place is the one that the customers visit and to make them leave satisfied, and as a consequence they return and recommend, it is necessary to guarantee that the service is of excellence. Placing cameras in this place serves to observe and qualify the attention that the servers give to diners and also to detect and evidence any type of undesirable event as the increasingly frequent theft of handbags and women's wallets.
  • The kitchen: Here the devices allow to qualify the quality and homogeneity in the elaboration of the dishes. For example, in the case of receiving the exceptional congratulation for the taste of a certain product of the menu, a security camera would allow to trace if in that occasion there was some particular factor that led to such success.
  • The bar: In this place it has been detected very skilled bartenders to obtain additional improper income. Cases like stealing bottles, exchanging expensive liquors for similar adulterated ones or simply not reporting orders in exchange for more juicy tips are becoming more frequent. In many cases, the consequent elimination of the reduction in the bars pays in very little time for the investment of the equipment of video monitoring.
  • Cash register area: In any business, including restaurants, cash management should be monitored.
  • Exterior section of the entrance and parking: This place is the best suited to get a clear picture of all visitors since the camera can be placed at the top of the door resulting in a short distance from the customers. One of the main obstacles to not placing cameras in restaurants is the possible violation of the privacy of visitors; however, there are cameras so discreet that they would be totally imperceptible.

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