Box security cameras:

Box security cameras are more versatile and better performance but still affordable, and even the lenses can be interchanged according to customer necessities. 


After years of technological advances, the security cameras industry has come a long way. Evolving from the original device, yet still maintaining its affordable price and basic shape, a box security camera is an intelligent security camera solution for its versatility and performance. So if you’re looking to learn more about professional systems, you’ve come to the right place to know more about surveillance in Miami!

Box camera:

box security camera, also known as a CS-mount, is named after their traditional boxy design.This devices are a popular security camera form factor option for businesses and homeowners due to their ability to use and interchange lenses to suit various security needs. In addition, a box security camera will provide a clear image in poor light conditions. Unfortunately, most systems do not come with a lens. Still, you do have the ability to choose from a wide variety of security lenses. They allow you to mix and match with the type of lens that best fits your needs. Also, allow easy replacement or upgrading of the enclosure/lens combination. Replacing or upgrading the lens enables the user to change the security camera field without replacing the entire security.

This is a typical installation in indoor environments. However, it can turn into a weatherproof by placing its housing in an outdoor housing to protect it from the elements. Also, box cameras are dual voltage, for the most part, meaning either 24VAC or 12VDC power able to use. That allows users to install these products at almost any security camera application. In the long run, that products and devices can outlast a bullet camera and dome camera, making them an ideal choice for a large-scale professional security camera installation.

CCTV box security camera

Box security camera from Dicsan Technology

At Dicsan Technology, we have a wide selection of security box camera systems available for indoor installation and fit for outdoor deployment with the right components and housing. Our professional systems are designing to achieve just about any monitoring requirement. They include many security camera features, including a high-resolution security cameranight vision security camerawide dynamic range4k resolution, and many more! In addition, our box cameras will adjust quickly to different light level changes in the environment. Also, there are many different types suited for different settings when it comes to boxing lenses. Among the characteristics to consider are focal length, fixed or varifocal, manual or autofocus, and mounting compatibility.

At Dicsan Technology, we believe a quality package exists for every budget. We understand that there’s a lot to consider when purchasing a security system. For this reason, to make sure you choose the best security box camera for your needs. Dicsan Technology recommends consulting a specialist to ensure that you get the right cameras for your security needs. Dicsan Technology offers FREE Estimates and Consultations. Whether you’re considering one or multiple box cameras, indoor and outdoor, calling to request an estimate, or to ask a question, you can contact us. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need or the box security camera package that fits your needs and budget. Helping you protect what matters most is our primary goal. Contact us.