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Storing security cameras in the cloud can boost your surveillance system.

Security Cameras - OCB

When installing a Security Camera System, there’s a lot on your mind and there’s a lot riding on your product decisions. The equipment you choose must be absolutely reliable, made with the highest quality components, and user-friendly. Whether you’re upgrading an existing surveillance system, or installing a new security system, only the best will do. Top-of-the-line video surveillance systems, expert installation, and first-rate customer service form the bedrock of the industry. That’s what you expect, and that’s what OCB provides.

Complete, end-to-end solutions – from cameras to DVRs, from door locks to controllers, and more have been meticulously engineered by the largest Research & Development team in the security industry worldwide. OCB development facilities lead the industry in advancing the technology of every essential piece in a Security Camera System. And they’re just getting started.

The need for perimeter security: both indoor and outdoor grows every day. Ensuring that your home and business is safe is critical; and the need for awareness and connectivity to protect your family, property and other things that matter most have become a way of life. Keep an eye on your property day or night with OCB security cameras and video surveillance. Stay connected anywhere, anytime, at home or on the go, through your PC, MAC, Smartphone or Tablet with OCB - a name you can trust in security.

There are many different security cameras on the market today, however, a few are considered far superior. Dicsan Technology is dedicated to proving our clients with the latest innovations, for this reason, we offer a wide range of OCB security cameras to meet your needs - whether it's a small four-camera home surveillance system or a large 60+ camera security system built for a business. All security camera and recorders being installed from OCB by Dicsan Technology are genuine backed by a 1 year warranty.

Dicsan Technology provides a great range of surveillance products from OCB

OCB’s devices can be installed in a broad field of industries to suit the needs of commercial, industrial, and residential clients. Dicsan can install OCB’s products in a variety of application such as automatic teller machines (ATMs), transportation control, buildings, schools, warehouses, shops, stations, airports, governments, hospitals and parking lots, among others. Our team is dedicated to providing the best security camera system technology on the market as well as customer satisfaction. Browse our different models to find the perfect security camera for you or contact us. To find out our installation services, please get in touch with our team today at (786) 622-2221 or by email support@dicsan.com.

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With our cloud security camera recording service you do not need to have computers in your home, with just one camera we can start recording and hosting the recordings in the cloud safely and without any possibility of manipulation by third parties.