Security Cameras Applications

Security Camera Applications

At Dicsan Technology, we offer a wide range of security camera systems ideal for the most popular applications of video surveillance systems. We offer the most advanced and professional surveillance products and security cameras solutions, available in a wide range security camera form factors and security camera features, designed to meet the security needs and requirements of any industry around the world. Our experience and knowledge of the different existing technologies available in the surveillance industrym allows us to affirm that what is really important is to design effective solutions with the right technology and not the technology itself.

Most Popular Security Camera Applications

Dicsan Technology provides solutions for any type of security camera application including:

residential security camera system


Keeping your family and home safe and secure are one of the most precious goods. A residential security camera system guarantees the safety and peace of mind for your family memebers and that of your own.

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Retail security camera systems provide great benefits for businesses, such as monitoring the performance of staff, controlling theft situations, monitoring incoming and outgoing transactions, preventing fraudulent transactions and supplier scams.

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retail stores security camera systems


A video surveillance system can help make any manufacturing business safer. From crime prevention to medical emergencies, it will provide greater security and provide greater peace of mind in the workplace.

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The installation of a school security camera system is a great security tool, both for the staffs, studenta and for the parents. It helps prevent drug abuse, student violence, bullying and improves or controls the quality of the education students are receiving.

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school security camera system

Condominium / Apartment Building

The installation of apartment building or condominium security camera systems can be one of the best security solutions, it not only helps to reduce liability, but also, it creates a safer environment for tenants as it deter unwelcome visitors.

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Healthcare Center/ Hospital

Healthcare centers or hospital security camera systems are very important as well as being able to control the security within the facility and protect patients, employees and staff productivity.

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Hotel security camera systems offer benefits that provide the customer with a differential value of the implicit services offered by the hotel, and the security manager with a very powerful tool to control the facility and it's surrounding.

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Financial institutions need to monitor security during busy hours when there are many customers, for this reason bank security camera systems have facilitated most of the processes through incorporation of analytics that can alert of potential situations.

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Casino security camera systems seek the safety of customers and employees but also protect the large amounts of money that are in game which is why, in addition to security personnel, gaming rooms have many security cameras that capture every move every minute.

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Restaurant & Bar

Bar and restaurant security camera systems pursue three main objectives: monitor the operation of the business, control the losses and the third to assist in the security of the place. They improve the safety and security for customers, employees and owners.

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Warehouses security camera systems are an ideal complement to control productivity, control automatic processes that require a certain machine to work without stopping or doing jobs that require permanent monitoring by an operator.

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Traffic/ Streets

Traffic security camera systems at intersections, highways and streets has influenced drivers to avoid speeding and acting aggressively. It also helps to identify criminals and prevent crimes from happening or quickly solve criminal cases with material evidence.

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Security Cameras for any Applications
from Dicsan Technology

At Dicsan Technology we provide an approach to our customers about video surveillance camera systems. Based on their specific needs, we design a making a project (without commitment on your part) tailored to your needs and recommending the most effective security cameras application. Are you interested in installing security cameras at any of the places listed above? If so, don’t hesitate to contact Dicsan Technology. We will be happy to schedule an appointment to carry out an evaluation in which we can help you decide which security camera systems and surveillance products are best suited for your application. We evaluate the risks and conditions in each application in order to determine the type of security camera solution that best suits the monitoring and security needs of your security camera installation, whether private or industrial.

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Analog CCTV Security Cameras
record D1 or 960H resolution on a DVR.

Bullet Security Camera

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High Definition - Transport Video Interface
is a signal processing and transport technology used in HD Security Cameras and DVRs.

Dome Security Camera

Dome Security Camera

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Internet Protocol Security Cameras, unlike CCTV Analog Security Camera,
send and receives data via a computer network and the Internet.

PTZ Security Camera

PTZ Security Camera

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Megapixel Security Cameras give you HD resolution so you'll be able to record large, clear Surveillance videos. This enables you
to use fewer cameras and save on equipment, installation, and maintenance costs.

Box Style Security Camera

Box Style Security Camera

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Color Night Vision Security Camera produce clear and detailed full color video in low-light conditions. Unlike traditional security cameras, Color Night Vision Security Cameras allow you to see full color images in the darkness.

Hidden Security Camera

Hidden Security Camera

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Thermal energy travels faster than visible light so a Thermal Security Camera will be able to detect moving heat objects from greater distances than a traditional Security Camera.

Motion Detector Security Camera

Motion Detector Camera

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A Wide Dynamic Range Security Camera is capable of switching from color to black and white like a Day/Night Security Camera does.

360 View Security Camera

360 View Security Camera

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Wireless Security Cameras offer the same standard features as a wired security camera, including HD quality recording, infrared night vision, and motion detection sensors.

Recessed Security Camera

Recessed Security Camera

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Turret Security Camera

Turret Security Camera

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