When is the right time to upgrade your IT Technology?

Many companies struggle while deciding when the right time to invest in new business IT technology is. Knowing when to upgrade is a strategic advantage. This has left many businesses asking the question: when is the right time to upgrade business technology?

Truth is, there is actually not a specific time for upgrading business technology. The right time to upgrade business technology or IT systems depends on the business and the work being perform. However, there are some signs that allow you to know it’s time to upgrade on your business technology.

Constant Problems

The biggest reason to invest in new technology is solving underlying problems. Is your IT system constantly crashing? Are you having trouble opening documents, waiting ages for webpages to open, or worried about viruses? Are your employees frustrated using these outdated computers or laptops? If so, it might be time to consider purchasing a new system. You won’t only be giving your employees the tools they need to do their job but also, your clients/customers will notice that you’re doing all that you can to offer them fast and reliable services. In short, you can solve most of your business problems by simply upgrading your systems/technology.

Data Security

Older or outdated technology puts your business at risk for data corruption, loss and are prone to crashes; costing you time and money. Keeping data secure is of the utmost importance. New technology will keep your data secure.  

• Rapid Growth

If your company is rapidly growing, in most case, it requires new technology that will help you to scale your business. However, regardless of the growth, don’t rush into buying new technology. Analyze your current technology and if needed consider buying only the business technology and IT systems you truly need.


Is Upgrading the Best Financial Decision?

If you own a small business and/or don’t have the money to spend on upgrades, we recommend to spread out the cost. Instead of replacing all your technology at once, buy one every quarter. This will help you to balance off the spending. Consider starting with a small initial investment and then scale up only once you’re comfortable. The expenses associated with a technology upgrade may seem daunting, but they are often far less than the resources it takes to keep older technology running. No matter where your business is going, it’s important to decide whether you should simply upgrade or purchase entirely new equipment. Upgrading business technology is far easier and cheaper than what you believe it to be. Moreover, there are countless benefits of investing in new technology.


Who's the Best Person to Perform the Upgrades?

Business technology upgrades are far more cost-effective and efficient when you use a managed IT Solutions provider like Dicsan Technology. We can help you invest in the technology and IT systems that will make your business more efficient and your employees will perform to the best of their abilities! Contact Dicsan Technology today to schedule a free assessment to discuss your technology needs and ensure the best IT solutions possible for your business.


Without a doubt upgrading your business technology and IT systems is crucial for the success and growth of your business. Advancements in technology have helped increased productivity by more than 80% over the past four decades according to a recent study. But in spite of this, many business owners are still not convinced and believe that upgrading their technology is extremely costly, others are not willing to leave their comfort zone and try new things, and some feel that they don’t have the time to implement the new systems. At some point all business, no matter the size, most invest in new technologies (computers, laptops, VoIP phones, printers, servers).

As it becomes common to leverage certain types of technology, work with Dicsan Technology as your IT Services and Support provider to develop solutions that will keep you competitive. We guarantee that investing or updating new technology and IT systems will increase your business productivity and reduce operational costs. Contact us to learn more!