Selecting the Right Physical Access Control System for Your Business (Part 1)


Keeping your business safe and secure is always a big concern. The need for knowing who is and has visited your facility as well as controlling them while they are on site is essential to maintain secure company information.  If your business has sensitive areas where only authorized personnel are permitted, install an access control system. Business access control systems are developed to ensure the safety of people and data within the premises. An access control system allows authorized users to enter a building or areas inside a building by authenticating their access. The basic role of an access control system is to keep unwanted guests out or at least have control of access.  Access can be granted through access control credentials, (such as access cards, fobs) vehicle windshield stickers, or biometric readers. You determine what level of access your users have based on locations, time of day, and other criteria. Access control systems can be integrated with other security system, such as a security camera system, for added security.


Due to the fact that there are so many access control systems on the market today, selecting the right system is critical for any application type. These security systems can be expensive to install or replace, and most times, once a system is selected, it will remain in place for a long period of time, even decades. So, which is the best access control system for you? Truth is, choosing the right access control system for your business can be challenging. When selecting a physical access control system, there are basic guidelines you can follow to help you choose the system that's right for you. The first step to take under consideration when choosing an access control system is choosing the right manufacturers, installers and integrators. Dicsan Technology, for example, can help you choose the right manufacturer while also provide you with professional access control system installation and integration. Why? We partner with the best access control system manufactures, including:


Dicsan Technology is a proud dealer and certified Millennium access control installer in Miami. We are committed to delivering a complete, simple to install, highly reliable electronic Access Control solution to our customers. Millennium’s access control systems effectively address your entry and safety needs. Need a sales quote? Help with an installation? Need to renew a maintenance agreement? If you need assistance with a Millennium product and do not have an installer or building manager you can speak with, please contact us to request a demo. Learn more 


Dicsan Technology is a certified Kantech installer in Miami. Our Kantech Miami access control systems are designed to fit your business needs for performance, flexibility, and cost. Count on us for responsive customer service and reliable Kantech access control solutions that are as scalable and easy to install as they are easy to use. Learn more


Dicsan Technology is dedicated to proving our clients with Hikvision’s latest access control innovations, for this reason we carry cutting edge solutions from some of the biggest brands, such as Hikvision. As certified installers, installer has the tools and knowledge to help ensure your security camera systems, overseeing every aspect of your system installation from start to finish. Hikvision’s innovation and cost-effective surveillance products are simple, practical and affordable surveillance solutions for small and medium size businesses. Learn more


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Where can access control systems be installed?

• Condominium Associations • Commercial BusinessesHealthcare FacilitiesSchoolsHotelsRestaurantsParking Garages • Residential Communities • Airports

How does the system work? What happens if a card is lost or stolen? Do access control systems only work on doors? Can I still use my mechanical (traditional) keys? Today, these are just some of the questions that business owners and security managers are asking as they recognize their information technology, as well as their facilities, are becoming increasingly vulnerable to security-related threats. 

As a leading access control solution provider, Dicsan Technology has a range of access control products which varies from single door access control and standalone web-hosted access control to integrated systems capable of managing thousands of doors. Our commercial access control solutions are affordable, flexible and scalable, meeting the current and future needs of clients with user-friendly, customizable security systems. Dicsan Technology designs, installs, manages, and services access control security solutions for buildings and facilities of all sizes and types. Do you need help selecting the right access control for you? We’re always happy to talk things through. Contact us at and we’ll put you in touch with the best person for your needs.

Can an access control system really step up your business’ security? Remember, access control isn’t just about controlling access. It can help you boost not just security but productivity, and performance. By protecting people, places and possessions, access control systems bring freedom to everyday life. Learn more about how an access control solutions from Dicsan Technology can improve your business! Click here to request a FREE, no-obligation security consultation or by contacting us at (786)622-2221.


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