Onsite IT Support vs Remote IT Support


24-Hour IT Support

Dicsan Technology provides emergency 24-hour IT Support

Being a business ourselves, we understand that every business most rely on technology to manage operations. These days, however, every business needs some type of computer IT Support, someone to be responsible for configuring and maintaining your computer systems, keeping the Internet up and running, managing the website, and dealing with day to day IT issues. That’s where we come in!

At Dicsan Technology we are committed to offering our clients both Onsite IT Support when they need it and Remote IT Support to address their technology issues immediately. Many, however, feel or are still unfamiliar with Remote IT Support. What is Remote IT Support? How does Remote IT Support work? And, how is Remote IT Support more beneficial over Onsite IT Support?  

Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support is and operates as its name implies: IT technician access client’s machines (computers, servers, etc.) through a browser-based application or remote access software. It is very similar to when your Internet connection isn’t working. In that case you most call the Internet provider company and a technician most ping the router to access the issue. This is an example of a remote IT diagnostic.

However, even if you determine that an onsite IT technician is crucial to your system performance, you can still benefit from remote IT Services. For many businesses, the time it takes for an IT tech to travel to a facility can increase the total amount of downtime which, in some cases, may cause a significant loss of productivity or revenue. Remote IT Support allows you to have a technician access your solution. The technician is not required to travel to and from your location which often means lower service cost.

Onsite IT Support

Onsite IT Support, on the other hand, is when an IT technician handle your IT issues in-person. Onsite, an IT technicians can diagnose and resolve a greater number of technical issues. Remotely, a technician will only be able to manage IT issues. Meanwhile, onsite, the technician can manage and handle those issues, whether it’s a problem that is affecting the network connectivity or a physical damage to the system. However, for many small businesses, the cost of onsite support is a primary drawback and prefer to choose remote IT support for a lower cost.  


Many say that as far as quality is concern, there is nothing much of a big difference between a Remote or and Onsite IT Support. It all depends on what kind of IT support does your company or your personal computer need. However, whether you need Onsite IT Support or Remote IT Support be sure that Dicsan Technology has the right solution!

When you partner with Dicsan Technology as your IT Services and Support provider, you are hiring a team, not just an individual. You will have access to multiple of our IT experts that have the expertise to address any IT problem.  Our team of experienced IT techs are always ready and available 24/7/365 to assist you and you staff with IT Support regardless of when they need it.