Importance of Security Cameras and Access Control Systems - Schools


Security Cameras and Access Control Systems in Schools

Today, school officials must deal with violence, sexual harassment, statutory rape, drugs, weapons, gangs, bombs, shootings, murders, computer hacking, and theft. These obstacles deeply affect schools and keeps them from achieving a secure environment for students and staffs. What safety and security measures are schools currently using to reduce risks and improve security? Concerns around school security have steadily increased, and new technologies are being guided into the market to improve response, prevention and security.


Security Cameras System


Education is a key to the future. However, lately with all the recent violent events that have been occurring in schools or closed by, many parents, students, and staffs feel concern. Security Camera Systems help to provide a safer campus environment for students and faculty. Many, however, see security cameras as an invasion of privacy. Truth is, installing security cameras outdoor schools, in hallways, cafeterias and in buses has proven to cut down on the number of crimes, assault, theft, and violence within school grounds. 

It is true, however, that security cameras can’t stop a crime while it is happening. But, security cameras are extremely useful for deterring crime and provide security footage for evidence.

We understand that the security needs of every school are different. Regardless if it’s a Daycare, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, College or University; at Dicsan Technology we offer customized and affordable school security camera solutions tailored to the specific needs of each. If you already know your basic requirements, contact us to request a free consultation and estimate. Let us help you create a security system that will keep your students and faculty safe.


 Access Control System


School principals are in the middle of a balancing act when it comes to security. They need to create a welcoming, supportive open environment for students, parents, and credible community visitors who have legitimate purposes in their buildings, while also keeping out individuals who can potentially have “harmful intentions”. Today many organizations, including schools, have benefited from installing an access control systems to manage access and protect people, assets and property.

Access control systems are the primary technology being currently used to safeguard schools against unauthorized access. These access control systems provide the structure and security to deter problems and offer great ways to improve safety in schools. Controlling access to school sites and protecting students and staff are one of the most important elements of any access control system within a school district security plan. Other added security measures such as video surveillance, alarm system, and visitor management, as an addition to an access control system, help keep these people out of these areas.




I’m sure we all agree that there is nothing more important than the safety of the students and teachers within the confines of schools – and there is no better way of ensuring this safety than a well-integrated access control system along with a surveillance system to keep campuses protected from outside threats. Implementing a security camera and access control security system has proven to provide the security needed in today’s school environment.

The best way to evaluate your school for an access control security system or a surveillance system is to hire a professional. Whether you are looking to control access to just a single door or an access control solution for a complex multi–site facility with physical and logical access integration, Dicsan Technology can help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide the security system your school needs.