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Security Cameras and an Access Control System


We all have assets to protect, whether at home or at the business. However for many, due to the growth in crimes and theft, it is hard to protect and keep an eye on their most important assets. Are you worried about keeping your property secured at all hours of the day? Are you looking for a long term solution to your security issues? Dicsan Technology has exactly what you need!



The safety of your family and your home requires solutions that guarantee their peace of mind and that of your own. For this reason, having a surveillance system installed at your home is no longer a matter of a luxury security device but a necessary equipment that is a must when it comes to the protection of your family, employees and property. At Dicsan Technology we offer all kinds of solutions regarding video surveillance systems. These surveillance systems offer many advantages:  

Prevents theft: A thief will think twice before wanting to get into a house that has a recording cameras.

• Know who is behind the door: If you suspect someone outside but don’t have a peephole on the door, security cameras will help you get rid of that concern.

• Helps to solve crimes: Often authorities require the support of security cameras to identify faces, objects forgotten somewhere or placed on purpose, even to identify suspicious car plates.

Remote monitoring and real-time display of images: If your home has an Internet connection, we can configure your video surveillance system so that different authorized users can view the security cameras in remote and real time.

At Dicsan Technology we believe a quality security camera package exists for every budget. We offer high-quality security cameras and installation that will protect your family when at home and protect your home when you are away. We offer a wide range of equipment and solutions, from the most conventional applications to the most relevant technologies of recent appearance designed for any environment, any lighting condition and security camera application. We offer our clients cutting-edge and easy-to-use security camera solutions, customized and tailored to meet their specific requirements, needs and budget.

Our certified and highly experienced security camera technicians will help you find the most strategic places to install your security camera system. We have over 10 years of experience in the industry and have helped out hundreds of home and business owners protect what’s more valuable to them with our complete security solutions. Contact us to receive a FREE no-obligation estimate of your security system or to simply request more information about our services

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Whether you live in a single-family home or in a gated community, Access Control Systems give you multiple options to manage your access points. These systems can effectively address all entry and safety concerns. There is no danger of losing your keys and being locked out. A complete system that allows you to relax and enjoy peace of mind in a home that is always secure and protected. However, more than protecting your physical assets, access control systems also protect what’s nearest and dearest to you, your family, from burglars and break-ins. Providing a safe, peaceful place for your family is the most important investment.

Not every access control system is right for every home. It’s important to assess your security needs before making any final decisions. Once you have a general idea of your needs, Dicsan Technology can help you find the access control system that is right for you.

From access control entry systems to keypads, proximity card readers to biometric identification system, control panels to credentials, Dicsan Technology provides the perfect access control solutions for your needs.  Our access control solutions are easily scalable and integrate with existing infrastructure to meet changing needs. Contact us at Dicsan Technology today for reliable gate and door entry access control systems for your house. With Dicsan Technology, you can rest easy knowing we’re taking care of you.