Fully Managed IT Services from Dicsan Technology aka IT Monthly Service Agreement

At Dicsan Technology, we understand that your primary focus is to serve your customers, it’s ours too. However, for this to happen, your business’ IT system must be reliable, secure, and operating at peak performance to maximize the efficiency of your organization. That’s where we come in! Let us help you increase the performance, efficiency and accountability of your technology, while saving money and time with faster response. Our IT Monthly Service Agreement plans offer you the peace of mind and the security you need, any time you need it. Allow Dicsan Technology to remove the worry and stress associated with maintaining your IT infrastructure and an in-house IT department, so you focus your energy on more important operations.

What’s included in our IT Monthly Service Agreement?

In their Fully Managed IT Services contracts, many Managed IT Service Provider include helpdesk support, proactive monitoring, and routine maintenance. At Dicsan Technology, our IT Monthly Service Agreement is design to cover ALL your IT worries at an affordable price. However, our Fully Managed IT Support might not be right for every company or every budget. For these reason, we allow our customers to decide the services they wish to receive, and along with them we customize a plan based on their needs and budget. Our plan mainly includes:

24/7/365 Helpdesk & On-Site Support

As a fully managed customer, you’ll be assigned a devoted team that will know and understand your business, and will work together to provide you with the IT Support you need. As a valued customer you’ll always be well looked after!

Proactive Maintenance

Monthly system performing monitoring, identifying lock-ups, system errors, software and hardware issues and pro-actively ensuring all devices are up to date with the latest security patches, hotfixes and service packs to maintain devices stability and security. We scheduled maintenance as well as industry-leading network management tools to keep your technology running at the speed of your business.


Onsite and offsite data backup, antivirus, disaster recovery, and network security. We protect your hardware, software and data, from unauthorized access. We also maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.

IT Consulting

Our IT Services and Support team are always ready to help and advice you, so you can get the best use out of your equipment and the most for your technology investment.

Fully Managed Backup System

We can provide a range of high security, fast restore back-up solutions including a fully managed back-up service for total peace of mind.

24/7 Monitoring

24x7 system monitoring and routine system maintenance to ensure optimal performance. We respond quickly to issues in your network devices and availability, server resources, backup activity, capacity utilization and more. Our team of experts constantly monitors your computers for early signs of trouble. This reduces downtime, associated costs and service interruptions, while increasing reliability and system performance.

Remote IT Support

Within minutes or even seconds of your call, one of our technicians will be able to securely connect and operate any of your computers or servers giving you a quicker fix and less downtime.

On-Site IT Support

If we're unable to fix the problem remotely, we will arrange for one of our locally based technicians to go to your location, at the time most convenient for you, to assist you.

All-inclusive IT Services 

Managed IT Services and maintenance of desktops, servers and network, customized to fit your IT needs and budget



Why your company needs Fully Managed IT Services?

Dicsan Technology’s IT Monthly Service Agreement will provide your business with comprehensive day-to-day IT Support, strategic IT planning and budgeting that will increase your business’s performance and efficiency. A well designed and implemented IT network can reduce your downtime by up to 80%. Also, by proactively monitoring your IT system we prevent problems from arising and we identify and fix others before they cause a problem. Enjoy Fully Managed IT Services that will allow you to focus on your more important tasks, like better serving your customers or focusing on growing your business. Not sure what direction to go in? Contact Dicsan Technology to schedule a Technology Consultation, one of our professional IT Consultants can advise you which choice will benefit your business and provide you with the information you need. 

Save money and improve performance with Fully Managed IT Services from Dicsan Technology:

• Reduce the risk of costy and unplanned downtime.

• More uptime, higher productivity.

Enhanced security measures.

Predictable monthly costs.

No contracts.

We are here to support your services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The combination of our reliable IT solutions and the dedicated IT support from our IT professional experts, ensures the delivery of superior service and performance.



Every organization has a unique set of needs. We can help you determine what services are required to obtain the most efficient results. Our assessment, setup and ongoing IT Services fees may vary depend on your specific business needs. Rather than a variable hourly bill, our comprehensive Managed IT Services are a fixed-rate IT Support Program which includes: around-the-clock monitoring, preventative maintenance and proactive IT Solutions that ensures consistent uptime for your organization. 

At Dicsan Technology, we provide small, medium and enterprise level businesses Monthly IT Support Packages that allows them to fix their IT Support costs on a monthly basis. Our variety of cost-effective, monthly managed plans are designed to fit your IT needs and budget, while also providing you with the unparalleled service and expertise required to keep your business running smoothly. We work with you to create an IT plan and budget that includes your current needs and future growth. Find out more about all our IT Services and discover how our IT Monthly Service Agreement can benefit your business. For a free no-obligation meeting, which can include a free network audit where required, please contact us at (786) 622-2221.


Managed IT Services are the top level of available IT Support. It offers everything an in-house IT department can provide but at a fraction of the cost. This offers business owners really peace of mind. Because at Dicsan Technology we are extremely confident in what we do and are sure you will be 100% satisfied with our services, as a thank you for choosing us we are offering new Managed IT Services clients the FIRST MONTH OF MANAGED IT SERVICES FREE OF CHARGE.


We’d love to hear from you and learn more about your business. Call us today and find out how Dicsan Technology’s IT experience can help you manage and support all your IT needs.


Frequent Ask Questions about our IT Monthly Service Agreement

(1  )       How does Managed IT Services work?

Managed It Services provides 24/7/365 network monitoring of all your IT infrastructure, 24/7 Help Desk Support, 24/7 Remote or Onsite Technical Support, and much more.

(2)          How much does it cost?

Your monthly fixed price will depend on the level of IT support you need. Our IT Monthly Service Agreement plans can be customized / tailored to your business’s specific needs and budget.

(3)          What sized companies benefit from Managed IT Services?

Any size company can benefit from Managed IT Services, from a small to an enterprise level business.

(4)          What are Managed Service Providers (MSP)?

Managed Service Providers are 100% responsible for the safety, security, and reliability of your IT infrastructure and work on a fixed-fee basis such as Dicsan Technology. 

(5)          What if I only want to pay when I need you?

No problem! If you’re not ready for Fully Managed IT Support, we can still help. We offer flexible and affordable PAYG (pay as you go) IT Support options available for every business, whether small or big, with the high level of IT Service and Support you’d expect from a top Managed IT Service Provider.

(6)          What happens if we try your service and later find out we don’t like it?

We don’t want our clients to feel tied in, for this reason at Dicsan Technology we offer NO CONTRACT. However, because we invests large amounts of time, energy, and staff resources into cleaning up and bringing your computer network into compliance with industry best practices, we ask that you let us know 30 days in advance.

(7)    What the difference between Fully Managed IT Services and Break/Fix IT Support?

Click here to read our previous blog where we explain the main differences between these two different services and how you can decide which one is best for your business.