Benefits of Remote Monitoring

The Importance of Remote Monitoring

On our two previous blogs we talked about the importance or how important it is to have a surveillance system installed at our homes and/or business. For many, it is no longer enough to simply lock the doors and windows when safeguarding their assets, family, employees, etc. That is why many people are considering more than ever to invest in a security camera system to thoroughly monitor their properties. However, besides protecting what’s most important to you, a security camera system allow users to monitor footage remotely. How?

Remote Monitoring and its Benefits

Nowadays, there are many surveillance apps that allow security camera users to remotely monitor their security camera system. This feature, available on almost all surveillance system, enables users to remotely view and manage their security cameras from anywhere in the world, not just from the location where the security system is installed. You are also not limited to monitoring just one camera. You can manage different camera feeds whether on the same or multiple locations from your phone or tablet at any place and time via the Internet.  

• Modern surveillance system give users the ability to monitor footage remotely with a mobile app. You don’t have to be on the location to view and manage your security camera system.


• When remote monitoring is combined with motion sensor cameras, you ca be alerted through email and/or text when your cameras detect motion while you’re away.


• Monitor multiple security camera feeds across multiple locations. A popular feature for property managers who need to remotely monitor multiple properties.


 • When it comes to your security and your loved ones, it is best to not leave it up to chance. Know who is out your door and eliminate any security risks.

The advantages of having surveillance cameras outweigh the cost of installing them. However, the added peace of mind that comes with remote monitoring can be the greatest benefit of all. In the surveillance industry there are a wide variety of security cameras to choose from. At Dicsan Technology, our technicians are experience surveillance experts and can help you choose the security camera system that best suits your needs and budget so you can start enjoying remote monitoring on any device at any time. Contact us today to get started!