4K Ultra HD-Resolution



Due to its effectiveness, more than ever, surveillance camera systems are being installed and used to protect home and/or businesses all over the world. In the attempt to prevent theft and protect their assets, thousands of business and homeowner are installing security systems. When it comes down to surveillance technology and types of security camera systems there are more than a just few to choose from, many are still widely in use. When deciding on a new security camera system, many customers tend to go for the lowest in cost, not realizing they are sacrificing a lot on resolution.

Low Resolution Security Cameras Systems

Analog security camera systems are what started the surveillance industry and many are still widely being used today. These security systems feature a low cost, which makes them distinctive from other systems. However, this alternative comes with a few downfalls when compared to newer technologies, for example, their low resolution. Low resolution systems, when compared with higher resolution systems, fall short in video clarity and image quality which may result in a lack of clear identification of intruders, especially at night, preventing their immediate identification and arrest. Too often, lower resolution security cameras leave doubts as to what actually happened in a video surveillance clip. For this and other reason, many surveillance camera users are upgrading their security system to HD (High-Definition) security cameras.

4K Ultra-HD Security Cameras Systems

4K security cameras offer the highest level of video clarity available in the surveillance market. Featured in Network IP Systems, 4K Ultra-HD security cameras use an advance 8MP or 12MP CMOS image sensor which allows for the security camera to capture more light, which improves color, contrast and low-light performance. It also adds an increased ability to zoom in on distant objects without drastically reducing image quality. A single 4K security camera can cover a wider area and it capture the details of a scene, such as blurred faces or the license plate of a car.

Of course, not every security camera application requires a 4K video surveillance system. Currently on the market there are many more High-Definition Systems that also offer high quality video. When it comes to security cameras one size does not fit all. Security cameras are available in a wide variety of form factors so there is a camera for every security need. Our systems are designed to suit any specification or budget. To ensure our systems are reliable and trouble free we supply and install a large selection of high quality surveillance cameras form factors from major manufacturers. These security camera system solutions are ideal configurations for business and home environments. With our affordable prices, they fit well within any budget.

Which High-Definition Camera should you choose?

Choosing the wrong video surveillance camera type can leave you with unusable footage despite a significant investment. It is very important that you choose the surveillance system that not best suits your budget but also your security needs. If you are not sure about which security camera to choose, please we recommend you to contact us at Dicsan Technology and request a security assessment at your property. One of our friendly Security Specialist will listen to your needs, answer all your questions, and visit your site on the day and time most convenient for you to determine and recommend the security camera system that is the best fit for you.