Access Control: Eliminate Key Problems

Access Control – Eliminate Key Problems

All businesses, whether big or small, have assets that need to be protected, and employees who need to be kept safe. Although the traditional lock and key system is known to provide a high level of security, truth is, it’s not always cost effective or efficient. Buildings that utilize a simple lock and key door system can end up with doors accidentally being left open all day, or all night, which can result in theft or vandalism. In most cases, once a tenants or employees leaves or loses their key, locks have to be re-keyed, and/or new keys made and distributed. Most locksmiths can charge up to $250 just to rekey a single double door and provide replacement keys - an unnecessary expense that can eat up a company’s profits.

For these reasons, and many others, many businesses are choosing access control systems to secure their facilities, instead of the traditional key and lock system. Access control systems eliminate the need for physical keys and expensive locksmith services. Access control security also greatly simplify management of your facility: no need to replace lost keys, hunt down old keys from terminated employees, or wonder who has access to which areas. More importantly, they offer peace of mind because of many added security features.

Access Control Systems - Forms of Authentication

In access control systems, users must present credentials before they can be granted access. There are three main forms of authentication: 1) a physical credential like an access card or key fob, 2) a password or PIN, and 3) something biometric like a fingerprint. Another method of authentication that is emerging is mobile phone credentials, which involves using a phone app in place of an access card.

Instead of providing each of your employees a set of keys to your business, you can choose to install an access control system, allowing your employees to access the business using specialized credentials, such as an access key card. When an employee leaves your company, or a tenant moves out, simply deactivate their credentials to deny them further access with simple key strokes. You’ll be able to use key settings that can help you know exactly who is going where and at what time even if access was d enied. Access control systems makes it easy for you to find the right balance between safety and convenience for your employees, clients, visitors, tenants, and yourself.

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From Keys to Cards

Are you tired of managing physical keys to your building? Tired of having locks rekeyed when employees leave? Tired of paying to get new keys made when you hire people? Dicsan Technology can give you peace of mind with customized solutions designed to meet your specific needs … and budget! It is not uncommon for a site to implement several different types of access control solutions across areas of differing levels of security. Also, not every door has to have access control; you can simply leave some locked and only give keys to appropriate personnel and expand later. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the level of security a site needs as well as considering the type of authorization and lock component that is best suited for that specific site.

At Dicsan Technology, our fully trained technicians know that security is key, and will design and install an access control system that will fit the requirements of your so, ensuring your that your property is fully secure. In the end, you’ll be glad to have a system that protects you, your staff and your property. All things considered, it’s clear that security access control systems provide more advantages over the traditional key based access control and therefore the best choice for any security upgrade project. Contact us