millenium access control, millenium access controls, millennium access control, millennium elevator, millennium 5 solutions, millenium software.
millenium access control, millenium access controls, millennium access control, millennium elevator, millennium 5 solutions, millenium software.

Reliable and Innovative Millennium Access Control That Fits Your Needs:

Companies rely on people and assets daily, and keeping them secure is a must for any business. Door and access control systems are a barrier between a company’s resources and outside threats. For over 50 years, Millennium access control has provided solutions to safe companies and assets, whether they have one door or thousands. Their solutions expand as companies grow to match their needs.

Stay secure with Innovative Inversive creative access control systems:

Millennium Access Control Systems provide the increase, trait, and relaxing necessary for the most complex access control systems supplies. Scalable to 10,000 doors and more than 300,000 cardholders, it can configure Millennium Access Control Solutions for each unique user by selecting the specific software features, integrations, hardware elements, 3rd party products, and system accessories necessary to meet installation requirements.


We help secure schools, universities, hospitalscommercial and residential buildings, and more through the door and access control. Products and develops are just part of the blend. Having an access control consultant is a must to keep your business safe from potential outside threats through scalable, best products. Professional programs and equipments installation, and customer service, you’ll have a partner you can trust—from solutions discovery to products and systems selection to join and support with a commertial access control.


Millennium Access Control Ultra Software:

Millennium Access Control Ultra is our flagship state of the art web browser, based access control schedule designed with a highly scalable architecture capable of supporting one door to thousands of entries across multiple tips. Cerntainly, this software (Millennium Access Control Ultra) can be customized for any business environment but allowing easy access to complex functionality with our intuitive user interface,in addition, it supports all popular access cards and biometric technologies to ensure the highest levels of compatibility and security.


This program our pre-engineered access control solution for systems up to 32 doors, all in Millennium Access Control Tellus. It is designed for fast installation. Tellus cancel the need to provide or identify server hardware or execute complex installation ensuring new access control systems are up and running in the narrow possible time. With its ease of use and high dependability, Tellus is the best solution for new facilities that don’t have the complexity of more significant, more integrated sites.

Millennium E-Series Hardware:

Our line of E Series control boards provides resilience, ease of installation, and high reliability. E Series Site Control Units enable amazing connectivity to IP-based networks and unmatched system develops. A single unit supports up to 99 door control devices. E series Door Control Devices support onboard storage for up to 60,000 cardholders. They can log up to 2000 transactions locally to ensure seamless responsiveness and extreme network fault tolerance. Best-in-class flexibility in wiring topography, including daisy chain, T-tap, home run, and loopback options, ensure installation efficiency for every possible use case. For smaller access control installations, feature-rich pre-configured systems are available. These simple-to-deploy options can be rapidly installed and quickly expanded to accommodate the needs of growing businesses.

Ultra Software:

This join a modern, easy user interface with a competent architecture that bring the features and reliability that company customers demand, Millennium Ultra is flexible and customizable for any business environment, allowing easy access to complex functionality in  Millennium Ultra Access Control Software with our intuitive user interface. Ultra is easily scalable, allowing for simple migrations from small entry systems and large enterprise systems. Experience the same ease of use you have come to expect from Millennium access control solutions, totally rewritten as a scalable, flexible, and highly extensile state-of-the-art Access Control

millenium access control, millenium access controls, millennium access control, millennium elevator, millennium 5 solutions, millenium software.


Millennium site control unit (SCU):

The site control unit by Millennium is a communications hub and memory buffer for the door controllers and other devices that use Millennium’s software. Just one SCU can support up to 100 DVDs4 ECUs, and 10 ECDs. When it comes to security, it has measures that ensure the integrity of the data avoiding security breaches, hacking, or pirating.

Enhanced site control unit (ESCU):

The enhanced site control unit (ESCU) is a communications hub and memory buffer that works for Millennium devices such as (DCD/EDCDsECUs, etc.). Just one single ESCU can support up to 99 DCD/EDCDs or 4 ECUS and 10 ECDs only, depending on the operating system and configuration. Hence, Millennium access control solutions software is running on a computer server.

millenium access control, millenium access controls, millennium access control, millennium elevator, millennium 5 solutions, millenium software.

Specs Cheet:

Enhanced site control unit (ESCU)

Specs Cheet:







Door control device (DCD):

The DCD (door control device) is designed to control a single access point. This device works with almost most reader technology, from analog alarm devices to exit devices. And in case of a computer communications failure, it will still operate and keep track of transactions into the memory buffer.

Door control device

Specs Cheet

Enhanced door control device (EDCD):

Millennium’s EDCD (Enhanced door control device) is an extensive cardholder database that stores data up to 60.000 cards with a seamless process that works faster than standard DCD. In case of a computer or communications failure, it will provide uninterrupted access control for up to 2000 transactions.

Enhanced door control device

Specs Cheet







Elevator control device (ECD):

The elevator control device (ECD) by Millennium allows a key-card reader to communicate with the Elevator control unit (ECU) to control elevator access. 


Specs Cheet

Elevator control unit (ECU)

The ECU (Elevator Control Unit) is the device that interfaces between the SCU and the ECDs. Each ECU has 16 built-in relays to control elevator functions. Up to 4 ECUs can be connected to a single SCU, giving the Millenium system the capability of controlling up to 64,000-floor relays.

Millennium ECU Access Control System-Elevator access control

Specs Cheet




Input Power Requirements.

120 VAC input on a 2 Amp unswitched dedicated circuit (EC2-101190).

For international power requirements, there is a 240 VAC model available (EC2-101191).

Programmable Relays.

Each ECU employs 16 programmable single-pole Form C relays that are rated for 5 Amps at 24 VDC.

All Events History Buffer.

Two thousand events, stored in RAM with a minimum of 24 hours backup.

Alarm Monitoring.

Monitors up to 4 independent Normally Closed (nonsupervised) alarm inputs. The circuit must have a break time of at least 500ms for the alarm to trigger.

Priority Event Buffer

100 software selectable priority events (alarms, com fail, etc.) These events are stored onboard if the ECU is offline with the host computer. Stored events are sent to the host computer once communications are re-established.

Cover Tamper Switch.

On-board integrated tamper switch.




Power Supplies:

The PS1 is a robust filtered DC power source for the Millennium’s controllers boards, includes batteries, enclosure, and key lock. Its secondary board links the controller boards to the Site Control Unit and generates the necessary biasing voltages for the RS-485.

Power supplies

Specs Cheet



Power ssupply models

Millennium Access Control Ventus:

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