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Security will always be one of the top concerns for a retail store owner. Keeping track of everyone, who enters and leaves your property is essential for security as well as liability purposes. In retail, preventing inventory shrinkage and limiting your losses is almost as important as having a great product. If you own a retail establishment with expensive merchandise or you have private records to protect, a security system may be a good choice. The right security system can help ensure that your employees are living up to your standards of customer service and can contribute to the overall improvement of the retail experience. Also, these systems restrict who can enter an area, but they allow them to exit freely. Implementing an access control system is invaluable for ensuring the safety of your property and the people coming and going from your building.


You may have heard of the term “access control but what exactly does it mean? Nearly every business can benefit from the use of an access control system to boost security and increase peace of mind. Access control systems provide security by allowing or denying a person’s admittance to an area or facility through the use of access cards or authorized recognition by an employee’s access control clicker. With an appropriate security system in place, your organization can not only control an individual’s entry, but also record the time, date, and location where the employee or guest entered and exited. In order to do this, however, you need a professionally designed and installed system that is properly maintained at all times. In today’s society, having a business access control system installed at your retail store is a key way to not only protect the business, but also to monitor what employees are doing on a closer scale. In addition to improving safety and security, implementing access control system has a number of other benefits.

The best picture of your business is one you can get when you are not around. Retailers find surveillance systems to be one of the most effective ways to take action against internal theft and shoplifting. It also provides insight into the business activities you may not otherwise have access to. Our security systems are designed to support the integration of access control systems into operational and security infrastructure and ways of working, in order to maximize the operational benefits. Combine access control with video surveillance for a complete integrated security system. Whether you are trying to protect a small retail store or a whole shopping mall, implementing an access control offers numerous benefits, in addition to improving safety and security, with almost no drawbacks to consider.

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Go beyond a single sign-in sheet, and use the latest access control technology to limit who has access to your retail store.

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Monitor and help prevent violent acts with better video surveillance and access control capabilities.

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Use video technology to have visual documents of who enters and exits your retail store.

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Help prevent vandalism and monitor your retail store 24/7 with remote monitoring video surveillance technology.

At Dicsan Technology, we add value to your operations with managed access control and handle all phases of an access control system layout and configuration, installation, maintenance, inspections and testing with our local service and support. Our team can design an access control system that ensures only the right people can access your retail business. By installing a security access control system as a security solution, you will be assured that only authorized personnel will be able to access your premises; you can track suspicious entry at odd hours, and also receive notification of access by email or text. We will work with you to determine your facility’s access requirements and restrictions and design a systems that will meet those needs as well as your budget.

No matter the challenge, Dicsan Technology can help. Our knowledgeable team of technicians will design, install and maintain a system that addresses your specific needs. They will give you an idea of what you will need to implement an access control system and work through the necessary steps to get it up and running. The access control systems we provide are designed to be scalable, meeting the needs of organizations from the largest corporation or government agency through to universities, healthcare organizations, offices and schools. Whether you are looking to control access to just a single door or a access control solution for a complex multi–site facility with physical and logical access integration, Dicsan Technology can help.

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