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Hotels face certain challenges unique to the hospitality industry. Providing a pleasant guest experience is foremost. The hotel should be a warm and welcoming place offering a luxurious experience but should also be able to ensure security and safety for its guests. The security of guests, staff, and anyone that comes to the hotel is vital to the hotel industry, making security systems a valuable tool. However, it must be done in a way that does not disturb the guests’ privacy and comfort. More importantly, there should be obvious signs of strict security measures. Maintaining an open-door policy is important for making the guests feel comfortable.

An important aspect of this security program is an access control system. In the past, access control was made possible through traditional locks and keys. However, this system took a lot of work and involved substantial expenses. Hotel locks needed to rekey each time a guest lost a key or failed to surrender it when he checked out. Accounting of keys to different areas and tracking of employee access to sensitive areas such guest rooms, pantries and storerooms is elaborate and at times, not foolproof. On the other hand, access control systems provide guests a secure and safe access to their rooms and authorized amenities through an access card. If a card is lost, stolen, or once the guest leaves, access is removed and guests or other people will be denied access. Access control systems have the features you need to ensure the ultimate control over who comes and goes from your facility, providing your employees and your customers with the safe, secure environment they demand. Protecting guests, and profitability is paramount in the hospitality industry. Combine your access control system with video surveillance for a complete integrated security system. Whether you are trying to protect elevators, rooms, amenities or all, using access control offers numerous benefits with almost no drawbacks to consider.

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Go beyond a single sign-in sheet, and use the latest access control technology to limit who has access to your business and private information.

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Monitor and help prevent violent acts with better video surveillance and access control capabilities.

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Use video technology to have visual documents of who enters and exits your hotels or amenities.

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Help prevent vandalism and monitor your business 24/7 with remote monitoring video surveillance technology


Hotels, along with restaurants, retail spaces, and other hospitality endeavors, have a responsibility to keep guests safe at all times. Dicsan Technology can helps you provide your guests the very best experience by installing top quality access control systems, along with parking solutions, surveillance cameras, and entry gates. These for hospitality brands also serve to protect the premises as well as the customers therein. Our technicians can design and implement gate and access control systems to protect your guests and their belongings within your parking areas. Surveillance cameras help your security professionals keep an eye on everything that happens within your hotel. Also, elevator access control allows you to limit the number of guests or staff allowed on particular floors. Security / Access control systems can be installed during the construction process or added to an existing structure.

Hotel Access Control System Application - Miami, FL


Security when done right, creates a sense of serenity for guests and staff alike. Dicsan Technology does just that by allowing for rapid, secure access to contents in a variety of applications. Our professional installers will give you an idea of what you will need to implement an access control system and which system will work best for your school and budget. We will help you design the security system and work through the necessary steps to get it up and running. The systems we provide are designed to be scalable, meeting the needs of organizations from the largest corporation or government agency through to universities, healthcare organizations, offices and schools. Whether you are looking to control access to just a single door or a access control solution for a complex multi–site facility with physical and logical access integration, Dicsan Technology can help.

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