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When most people consider places that might need access control systems, hospitals usually aren’t very high up on the list. Generally, when we think of facilities needing security, financial institutions, security companies, government buildings, and similar locations come to mind, but, truth is, hospitals are just as vulnerable to security breaches. Healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, face complex security challenges daily. Every hospital has many sensitive assets that need securing around the clock. Key assets include patients, doctors, nurses and support staff, of course. Now, not all site users are created equal: medical staff, cleaners, patients and their visitors, and countless temporary and contract workers, all need access tailored to their specific and very different needs. We expect too much of the traditional lock and key if we expect it to meet such a challenge. What’s the alternative, especially at a time when healthcare budgets are tight? The answer lies in an access control systems.

Electronic access control systems are increasingly being used to enhance safety and security in medical facilities, hospitals and residential care homes. Access control is the means by which people are granted or denied access to restricted areas, such as clinics, operating rooms, labs, and parking garages. Access control systems provides validation and authorization of staff and guests attempting to gain access into different locations within your facility. It reduces the risk of unauthorized access and the potential loss of property. When an access control system is installed, its main purpose is to protect, in this case, three things: people (staff, patients, and visitors), assets and data. An access control system installation can deliver this in a cost effective manner, making it a powerful tool that will improve security and reduce costs.

Access Control Application - Hospital - Miami, FL

Healthcare facilities are usually open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are required to be accessible to the public. As a result, there are dozens or even hundreds of unknown visitors to a hospital on a daily basis. For this reason, the largest security challenge hospitals and other medical facilities face is protecting a space that is intended to be not only a public environment, but also an inviting one. This means that a balance between creating a welcoming environment, and a secure environment is needed, not just using technology, but as part of the healthcare facility’s culture of security. For hospital administrators and security staff, integrating various security systems in the hospital offers numerous advantages. Integration can simplify the operation and control of complex hospital systems, while enhancing security at the same time. Combine access control with video surveillance for a complete integrated security system. Whether you are trying to protect a hospital or a small medical facility, using access control offers numerous benefits with almost no drawbacks to consider.

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Go beyond a single sign-in sheet, and use the latest access control technology to limit who has access to your facility and private information.

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Monitor and help prevent violent acts with better video surveillance and access control capabilities.

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Use video technology to have visual documents of who enters and exits your hospital or medical facility.

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Help prevent vandalism and monitor your business 24/7 with remote monitoring video surveillance technology.

Hospitals and clinics are a safe haven for those in physical or emotional need, and are increasingly seen as a place of refuge in the event of an emergency. For these reasons and others, more and more people use hospitals as their first source for help. Security and safety at healthcare facilities are important for both quality healthcare and public safety. However, regardless of the size of the healthcare facility, or its location each healthcare organization has their own set of unique security and safety risks. That is why providing security for hospitals involves more than the best choice of products and features—it also requires best practices. At Dicsan Technology, we have over 10 years of experience designing and installing access control systems, and we understand the unique security needs of hospitals and medical facilities. If it’s time for your hospital to enhance its security, Dicsan Technology can help plan and implement a new, state-of-the-art hospital security system with advanced access control features. Learn how security systems such as access control, intrusion detection, and digital video surveillance can be integrated to protect patients, staff, property, and information.

The professional installers at Dicsan Technology will give you an idea of what you will need to implement an access control system and which system will work best for your medical facilities and budget. We will help you design the system and work through the necessary steps to get it up and running. The access control systems we provide are designed to be scalable, meeting the needs of organizations from the largest corporation or government agency through to universities, healthcare organizations, offices and schools. Whether you are looking to control access to just a single door or an access control solution for a complex multi–site facility with physical and logical access integration, Dicsan Technology can help.

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