An access control controllers (aka panel or board) is the main backbone of an Access Control System with complete control of the whole system. Access controllers are electronic security devices designed to identify users and control entry to or exit from protected areas. The access control panel is not visible for most people in a facility since the access control panel is installing in the IT room, electrical, telephone or communications closet. It is behind locked doors because all locks are wired to the access control panel. When an access control credential is present, the controller will compare the input to its database to determine if the access should be allowed to a particular door at a specific time.

The control panel receives the access control reader’s access card credentials and compares the same with the rules. Configured for that access card, and based on the same, the access is allowed or denied. The door lock will open or remain locked. When the relay triggers, the lock is powered (in the case of fail secure locks), and the door unlocks. That is how the access control panel controls the access activity for building doors. The access control panel will typically have electrical connections for the selected credential reader, a relay output to prevent the door release, door position input, programmable inputs and outputs, and inputs for the REX.

An access control controller gives you an efficient, highly secure way to control access to your premises. An access control panel features differ across manufacturer platforms, but most provide some standard functionality. A typical access control system controllers supports 2 or 4 direct access control readers. However, the amount of access control panels installed will depend on the number of doors each forum can control. If there are more doors, we can gradually add more panels next to each other.


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