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Access control security is a term generally used to describe the mechanism for the authorization of certain parties to access specific resources. These resources may be physical such as paper documents, bank vaults, and warehouse items. Other resources may be encrypted user information, bank transaction records, or simply the safety of employees within a building. Having a security access control system regulates and controls access to these resources.

The primary purpose of access control is to provide security by allowing or restricting access to these resources by any party or individual. 

The need for security has increased with advanced door access security systems utilizing biometric sensors in place of a simple lock and key. The rapid development stems from the increased awareness and needs to protect valuable resources from unauthorized access and theft. 

Access control security systems enable you to provide convenient access to the right people and the right areas of your facility at any time. Here are just a few key benefits that access control systems can provide to your facility’s comprehensive security system:

Access Control Systems are Easy to Manage

In the form of keyless entry and card access systems, access control systems are an easy way to manage building security. Once your access control security system is set up, you no longer must worry about who needs what key to get into which building, labs, or offices.

Forget Hassle Associated with Traditional Keys

Critical systems are problematic for adequate security for many reasons. If an employee loses their key, you must make a new key at least. In many situations, especially high-security facilities, a lost key can mean that all corresponding locks need to be replaced. That means issuing all other employees new keys — all for one misplaced or missing key. 

Set Specific Access Dates and Times

With powerful scheduling features, an access control system allows you to grant access to certain people for specific days and times, as well as for doors and groups of entries in a facility. 

Require Mandatory Credentials for Access

Depending on your industry or facility, specific offices, laboratories, or production areas may require additional security. Either because they are high-risk and need special safety training or because they contain sensitive information. 

Keep Track of Who Comes and Goes

Another critical benefit of access control systems is keeping track of who is coming and going. In the event of an accident or theft, you’ll be able to see who accessed a specific area during the time of the incident. Beyond just security measures, this feature is also helpful for collecting data on who enters and exits typical buildings or offices, when, and how often. 

Improved Security that Works for You

The overarching benefit of any access control system is that you get all of the security your building needs flexibly to work for your company in the long term. As your company or facility grows, you can add new access cards, update mandatory credentials for specific areas, and change access dates and times as necessary. As employees leave, promote, and change positions, you can easily restrict, add, or manage their access to certain buildings depending on their credentials and current situation. You no longer must keep tabs on each key and update each employee’s access according to their needs. 

Millenium access control Elevator



Millennium access control provides a seamless elevator security control system that allows guards to access elevators easily from within the administrative dashboards to release them. Tenants can have their authorized access customized based on their specific access levels and linked to their existing apartment access cards and credentials.

What's New and Trending in Elevator Security?

With the modernization of the elevators, new security specifications are being added to the software to make them more robust and flexible to meet the changing access control needs in buildings. Millennium spent more than two decants in R&D to understand the ever-shifting needs of the customers and constantly upgraded itself in the elevator industry. That led MGI to integrate the new elevator technology with the trending elevator security system. That stood the test of time for the last 25 years into launching advanced elevator security that is hardware reliable and allows seamless software integration. The new elevator features are:

The hardware components of the board are of top quality. Millennium access control provides a relatively compact design with a faster and better working unit.

Millennium solution has reduced the size of its part as hardware has improved, resulting in a condensed design and simplicity to install.

As the processor used by the MGI is quick and steady, it ensures easy and fast updates to the hardware, making it smooth to operate.

How to choose the best Elevator Access Security Solution?

To choose an access security solution that perfectly fits your requirements, you must look for the following features:

  1. Ease of Use: In all workspaces, user-friendly equipment favor. Considering this, Millennium provides its customers with a variety of pre-engineered boards that are lightweight, pre-wired, feature with the latest hardware, and are relatively simple to mount and install. The convenience decreases complexity and also saves time.
  2. Flexible: This is a critical element. Millennium’s software called Millennium system Ultra 5.0.0 is intelligent and performance-driven. A better user interface leads to better results and reflects the flexibility of the product. In addition, the software added the following new features:
  • Network addition for compatibility (coming soon)
  • Smoother working with or without a network connection
  • New design to integrate multiple boards
  1. Reliable: It is an essential factor when choosing a security system. Millennium’s Elevator security system hardware has proven dependable. It is still the most desired solution in the market, acknowledged by the dealers. New products are releasing with the same reliability as older products. All of the previously popular features are improved and reintroduced in the more recent developments.

Millenium tools



Our hardware series enables simplified connectivity and unmatched system scalability with a single unit to support up to 99 door control devices. With best-in-class flexibility in wiring topology, including daisy chain, T-tap, home run, and loopback options, the Millennium engineered system boards, and parts ensure installation efficiency for every possible use case.

– NetDCD1 Single IP Door Control.

– Device – Single Reader.

– Ethernet/IP door controller.

– includes plug-in power supply.

– Perfect for a single reader.

– installations such as family homes.

It enhanced the Site control unit. Supervisory controller and ethernet interface with seven-alarm inputs and one reader port. Intended for use with Enhanced Door Control Devices (149-101966). Can connect up to 99 doors on a site—best hardware option for large-scale installations such as high-rise condominiums.

Elevator Control Device. It provides interface and management of access control system system readers used as part of the elevator control system. Intended for use with Elevator Control Units.


Customized alarm options allow the guard, manager, or property owner to see anything out of the ordinary happening at any facility entry points. With remote management options available through the cloud-based Millennium Ultra software platform, it can clear false alarms. Potentially dangerous situations such as break-ins, vandalism, and unauthorized access can be investigated and further escalated for a full resolution.

Immediately review the causes of alarms for a quick resolution.

Inform residents via text messages of any emergency required action.

Clear alarms remotely.


With the array of intelligent integrated Video Management Systems and Millennium Ultra, there is no longer a need to manage multiple views of the complementary security systems. Now you can view and work live and recorded video footage and respond to live threats all from within the Millennium Ultra software system.


The essence of the Millennium access control system is to secure entry points.

Explore our array of options that go hand in hand with the most robust access control software available in the market today-The Millennium Ultra.

Options ;

  • Cloud access control
  • Mobile Connect credentials
  • Door readers
  • Door controller boards
  • Site controller boards
  • Integrated third party wireless options
  • Temporary guest passes for visitors.


Millennium Plexus mesh network wireless system provides flexible wireless access control for buildings with wiring limitations, structures with high or plastered ceilings, and sites with a preference for fully secured wireless connectivity, such as college dorms. Eliminate lengthy wire runs, reduce installation labor and cost, connect multiple buildings and get stable access control system security anywhere you need it.


Included in the standard package:

  • Wireless connection using mesh network technology.
  • Built-in redundancies- if one controller goes down, the others stay


  • Millennium Plexus wireless controllers eliminate the need for lengthy wire runs and complicated installs.
  • Unlike traditional wireless handles, Mesh controllers provide a full-featured access control system.
  • Uses the Bluetooth 5 wireless technology to provide more stability than traditional wireless handles’ regular Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Up to 150 ft range line of sight.
  • Allows for multiple pattern connectivity creating systems that encompass both the wired and the wireless systems.
  • Controllers can be wired directly to a local power source.
  • Backward compatible with all previous versions of the Millennium access control systems hardware and software.


Our cloud-hosted access control is the Millennium Ultra software without the need for dedicated access control servers, software installations, and ongoing maintenance or backups. The cloud-hosted Access Control Solution is designed for a fast and easy installation with full features, capabilities, and reliability, just like the stable on-premise solutions you expect. Cloud-hosted offers hands-off maintenance and leads to the elimination of operator errors from manual upgrades and system updates.


Managing residential access control is easier than ever with this actual events data snapshot.

  • It provides insight into active and inactive doors and entry points.
  • Intelligent data analysis uncovers insights into how your facility’s security is performing.
  • Real-time reporting allows for swift action in the event of a break-in, vandalism, and false alarm events.
  • Round-the-clock alarm notification provides peace of mind and removes the burden of lapses when guards change shifts.


The Millennium mobile connect provides increased security, enables ease of operation, and the flexibility to quickly access doors by approved users. All mobile connect credentials are securely managing through the Millennium software platform. They are efficiently assigning through the administrator to all residents.

What you get;

  • Digital keys access any pre-approved doors.
  • Residents can customize the app to prioritize favorite doors for a simplified experience.
  • Secure system allows the administrator to manage the software from any location.
  • Available for free download from the Google Play and Apple app stores.
  • Free updates are available and are applied periodically
  • Can grant guests temporary access through the app.
  • Save money on replacement cards with accessible credentials reassignment.
  • No hidden costs, with simplistic free downloads.
  • Works with ALL readers. No need to replace existing hardware
  • Available with the client and cloud-hosted applications of Millennium Ultra.



Millennium Ultra integrates with the 2N® IP Verso intercom system to provide a seamless combination of access control and intercom telephony systems.

It provides reliable access control and allows you to easily interface with the software to achieve higher security for your residents.

Features include.

  • The direct calls from intercom to mobile phones and tablets.
  • Intuitive search and control
  • Modularity
  • Remote configuration
  • Touch keypad
  • Event history
  • Security relay
  • Events and alarm log


The option to grant temporary access into homes, apartments and luxury condos is a flexible feature that Millennium offers.

Now, residents can request temporary access for friends, families, and maintenance staff and have this scheduled with ease through the best-in-class millennium Ultra access control software.

  • Cancreatetemporarymobilepasses via the Millennium Mobile credentials app.
  • Create temporary ID badges.
  • Authorize custom access schedules based on allowing access levels and work schedules in maintenance work.
  • Easily revoke access whenever.
  • The ability to view all entry events via the event slog.
  • Can review video log through integrated CCTV from within Millennium Ultra access control dashboard.

Electric Strikes vs. Electrified Locks

Electric Strikes and Electrified Locks

Because electric strikes and electric locks operate in the same manner (opening a door from a remote location with unique access control system equipment), they are often confused with each other. Many people even use both terms interchangeably. However, electric strikes are very different from electric locks.

  1. Definition

Electric Strike

Replaces a standard, fixed door lock. It opens a door from a remote location. It is often accessing with special control equipment such as a keypad or card reader.

Electric Lock

Replaces a standard, fixed door lock. It opens a door from a remote location. It is often accessing with special access control system equipment such as a keypad or card reader.

       2. Functionality 

Activating the electric strike releases the strike keeper, opening the door and allowing entry.

Activating the electrified lock allows the user to turn the door handle and retract the latch bolt.

       3. Installation

Electric strikes are installing in the frame. Wires are generally storing inside the structure. Can install certain types in a door for paired openings.

It is installing on the door like a regular lock. It requires a “raceway” (an enclosed pathway for electrical wiring) through the door. A power transfer device such as an electric lock hinge or door loop transfers the electric current from the backside of the frame to the lock.

        4. Applications

Can use it on interior or exterior or security doors, new construction, or remodels.

In-field alterations of fire-rated doors may require prior approval from the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Can use it on interior or exterior or security doors, new construction, or remodels.

In-field alterations of fire-rated doors may require prior approval from the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

        5. Pros

Because mount on the door frame, electric strike installation is typically more accessible and faster than an electrified lock.

Its lower cost of installation is due to ease of installation.

Since it acts as a release, you can also use it on doors that use an automatic door operator.

The lockset can stay locked, but the strike releases to allow the power operator to swing the door open freely.

It offers a cleaner look than an electric strike.

Can argue that electrified locks are more secure since electric strikes are more visible and accessible for tampering.

Can use them on fire-rated security doors that require a “fail-safe” power mode due to building codes.

       6. Cons

Noticeable to the door user and thus does not provide a “clean” look compared to a built-in electrified lock. This visibility can make it more susceptible to tampering.

Cost is a factor since electric locks are more expensive than electric strikes. Installation charges are usually higher because installation is more involved, such as prepping the door for a raceway and accounting for the added power transfer device connecting the frame to the door.

Cannot use it on automatic door-operated openings.

 The latch bolt does not electrically retract, prohibiting the operator from opening the door freely.

        7. Power                            Requirement

It can be either 12V or 24V, usually DC but may be available in AC. Some models allow in-field selection, while others must be ordered with the specifications pre-determined.

It can be 12V or 24V. Usually, DC but may be available in AC. Some models allow in-field selection, while others must be ordered with the specifications pre-determined.

        8. Power Fail                     Modes

Can be “fail-safe” or “fail secure.” Some models allow in-field selection, and others must be ordered with the preference pre-determined.

Can be “fail-safe” or “fail secure.” Must order most models with the preference pre-determined.

      9. Fire Rated                    Doors

Must be used on “fail-secure” fire-rated doors, which means, if the power is cutting, the latch will be securely capturing behind the strike keeper.

A “fail-safe” electric strike is not allowed on a fire-rated door because no latching support provides during a power outage.

It can be used on fire-rated doors in either “fail-safe” or “fail secure” mode, as the lock always maintains positive latching.

 However, additional safety codes may determine which model of lock can be using.

 Check with your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for requirements.




One-Card system solution for free flow of movement between multiple buildings.

One-card system to allow teachers and students to move between buildings and schools as needed.

Integrated ID system ensures that only approved persons can gain entry and access control associated benefits

Get full reporting on all student and staff entries and exits via events recording.

Create partitions within a single access control system to allow each school to administer security and access levels separately.

The flexible design allows the addition of new doors anytime.


Secure all attached facilities with reliable access control systems

Secure connected facilities such as libraries, gyms, cafeterias to prevent unauthorized access control.

Track all entries and exits via events recording and notifications

Set timed open and lock periods for libraries and gyms for night athletics and restrict after-hours classroom access.

Integrate the system with RAVE notifications and fire alarms to protect against unauthorized entry.


Provide top-notch security for controlled spaces.

  • Keep laboratories, faculty offices, art studios, and inventory rooms secure to prevent unauthorized access control.
  • Keep private data, documents, transcripts, files, and special equipment secure.
  • Provide official entry to multiple buildings and facilities based on the administrative access level.
  • The ability to generate reports of all admissions into certain rooms allows for accountability and safety of equipment and people.
  • Customize ID and entry permissions for specific personnel and student access levels and schedules.


Provide reliable access control that grows with your needs.

  • Lock down all doors in the event of threats and existential danger to lives and property.
  • Administer and control all entries remotely in the cloud based system from anywhere and at any time.
  • Connect all entryways to classrooms, common areas, labs, and gyms in one place with discreet hardware.
  • Scalable, reliable, with continuous software development to fit security needs for all facilities at every level.
  • Manage one security system for both access control and video surveillance.

Is electric strike a good alternative?



When discussing door hardware, a door electric strike, refers to the metal plate or assembly that’s installed into or onto a door frame to “catch” the latch or bolt to hold the door closed.

Where can you find an electric strike?

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Banks
  • Technology Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Technology Centers
  • Convention Centers
  • Long Term Living Facilities
  • Stairwells
  • Apartment buildings
  • Hotel rooms
  • Schools and Universities
  • Nursing homes

Electric strikes replace a standard door strike and are connecting to a power supply.

When an electric strike is activated, it releases the latch, unlocking the door.

Electric strike locks remain locked from the outside at all times. When the door closes behind you, it automatically returns to a locked position. Electric strike locks are opened from the inside by pressing a panic bar or other manual release device.

Fail-secure Electric Strike vs fail-safe Electric Strike

Fail-secure Electric strike: A fail-secure electric strike is required for a fire-rated opening and will remain locked during a power outage. That is the safer of the two options since it will keep the building secure and will not allow entry into the building if the power goes out. Of course, exiting inside is always possible with a panic bar or other exit device since the electric strike lock outside.

Fail-secure Electric strike: A fail-safe electric strike will unlock in the event of a power loss, allowing everyone free access.

Magnetic locks, in comparison, are all fail-safe. Therefore, in a power outage, a magnetic lock will remain unlocked and not function. That creates a severe security risk for a building that needs to stay secure in the event of a power outage. For this reason, electric strikes are recommending over magnetic locks.

Benefits of Electric strikes

Security: Electric strikes are a very secure and safe option for latching a door since you can only activate them with a card, pin, or remote device associated with the strike.

Convenience: When it connects to a remote system, you can allow someone entry from the comfort of your desk or bedroom with the push of a button. An electric strike attached to a pin code can also be helpful since no key is necessary, and you can choose who to share the code with.

Easy installation: Installation of electric strikes is quicker and simpler. That’s because electric strikes are mounted only on the frame. Installing them requires only cutting at the structure. Electronic locks, on the other hand, require prep on the door itself, which can complicate.

Low-cost installation: Because electric locks are easier to install, as explained above, a hired contractor or handyman should take less time to install them; therefore, your labor and materials cost should be similar to a standard strike installation.

Two Challenges of Electric Strikes

Don’t lose your card!

If you’re using an electric strike that requires a card for access comtrol system, be sure you keep your card in a safe place. These cards are sometimes expensive to replace. More importantly, you may not be able to enter your property or office building after hours.

The keypad or card reader used to activate the electric strike is quite visible in access control solutions. That, of course, is necessary for people to be able to enter the building quickly after entering a code or swiping a card. However, since it is visible, it may be more prone to tampering or vandalism. However, most electric locks sold today are very safe, and “hacking” a code presents too big of a challenge for would-be burglars.



Door and access control serves as a barrier between a company’s resources and outside threats. For more than 50 years, our family-owned business has provided electronic Millennium access control solutions to businesses of all sizes. Whether they have one door or thousands, to ensure their employees and assets are safe. More importantly, as businesses grow, our solutions expand to match their needs.


scalability cloud based

Your building is far more than just simple shelter; providing a safe, peaceful place for your family to thrive is the most important investment. Millennium Group provides a fully customized access control systems solutions for unparalleled access control to your building. Engineered to pass stringent safety.

the standard guideline, Millennium access control solutions ensures inexperienced users, children and pets are safe with our door access solutions or any other devices in commercial access control.

Where is it possible to install the Millenium access control systems?


Condominiums present a unique set of needs for access control systems security with the need to reliably secure tens and hundreds of entry points, storage areas, and even parking structures.

The Millennium access control system is suited for administering access control to large-scale real estate facilities in a central system.


Mitigate risks and secure what is most important to you and your tenants with an integrated access control systems from Millennium.

Millennium access control ultra software allows the customization of unique door controls to enable you to give tenants complete control of their apartments. In contrast, they are limiting access to other parts of the facility based on permission levels.


Connecting interior access control systems needs with the external security requirements in one system is sound management and financial decision.

Millennium access control gives you the ability to connect all tenant access to the parking lot control privileges in managed residential facilities. You can reliably deter unauthorized access within your advanced security system and monitor all entries and exits within the same system.


High traffic areas in residential facilities present the most challenging security needs. It should be ideal for ease of movement but secure enough to provide the management and tenants peace of mind.

Millennium access control provides a system that easily integrates all entry points, including lobby doors, service entrances, elevators, and even mail storage rooms. Along with the associated hardware such as CCTV cameras and intercoms all in one single system.


Millennium’s suite of access control systems solutions is designing to comply with all safety regulations. It allows you to provide reliable security with physical access control and video surveillance.