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Management & Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Dicsan's Management & Access Control Systems

Protect your people and resources

When we talk about managed access control systems, we are thinking in carefully designed systems that are realiable and scalable to meet our customer requirements. We have experience working with proximity readers, electronic keypads and finger print recognition systems that had become increasingly popular over the past years. By eliminating the need for keys, which are easily lost or duplicated or disappear when terminated employees fail to return them and using access control badges or fobs instead, you can quickly and conveniently adjust or delete privileges any time an employee’s or tenant privileges changes.

Some of the benefits of Management & Access Control Systems that we propose are:

  • Restricted access to sensitive areas.
  • Generate records of time and key used to access every door.
  • Allow access to specific areas while the rest of the building is locked down.
  • Pre-programed time and areas for authorized individual access.
  • Remotely manage and control access to multiple facilities.
  • Supports control over elevators and wireless locks.
  • Centralize the work of building security and management staff.
  • Provide a safer a more controled environment.

Dicsan Technology's qualified team will take care and work with you to design a secure and reliable access control system to solve all your needs from installing the hardware, managing and overseeing your system, performing upgrades and backups, maintaining the database, creating customized cards and reports and remotely controlling your system.

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Peace of mind

Stations, cabling, backups. Let us handle every equipment in your network while you focus on growing your business.

Increase efficiency

24/7 monitoring allows us to proactively detect any potential problem to avoid substantial cost and prevent downtime.

Skilled team

A professional, well-trained, competent staff that can be trusted using proven processes and advanced technologies.

Remote support

Remote monitoring enable us to access and repair most problems right from our location reducing response times significantly.

Vendors negotiation

We will deal with vendors and partners to find the best proposes for your business and we will advise the most adequate solution to your needs.

One payment: many services

You will be able to plan ahead for IT and security projects just like every other utility service and avoid unexpected emergency costs or hidden fees.