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Video Surveillance Systems

Dicsan's Security Cameras Systems

Protect your people and resources

By installing a high-quality video surveillance system including a DVR or NVR and high-quality interior and exterior cameras, you can rest assured that your property and the people you care about are protected at every moment. As a business owner you and your company are at risk for misfortunate occurrences such as burglary, slip and fall or employee neglect.

Surveillance cameras help to decrease crime levels because criminals do not want to be caught and identified on camera; therefore installing cameras at your home or business effectively reduce the chance of becoming a target. We install and sell surveillance equipment of the highest quality, designed to capture every detail even under extreme conditions either for interiors or exteriors and for any type of building all day and night.

We specialized in large commercial installations projects such as new security systems in parking lots, marinas, residential buildings, factories and stores as well as smaller domestic installations. All of our systems can be configured to be accessed remotely from smartphones and tablets and can be integrated with other security systems for more protection.

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Peace of mind

Stations, cabling, backups. Let us handle every equipment in your network while you focus on growing your business.

Increase efficiency

24/7 monitoring allows us to proactively detect any potential problem to avoid substantial cost and prevent downtime.

Skilled team

A professional, well-trained, competent staff that can be trusted using proven processes and advanced technologies.

Remote support

Remote monitoring enable us to access and repair most problems right from our location reducing response times significantly.

Vendors negotiation

We will deal with vendors and partners to find the best proposes for your business and we will advise the most adequate solution to your needs.

One payment: many services

You will be able to plan ahead for IT and security projects just like every other utility service and avoid unexpected emergency costs or hidden fees.